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    That’s a Racing pigeon. Go here: https://www.pigeon.org/bandlistings.php Looks like a raptor got it.
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    Last is of course a Bird of Paradise. Sorry, a little. My Bad... I have better of the honey creeper at https://www.housleyphoto.com/photos-2/files/page3-1007-full.html and https://www.housleyphoto.com/styled/photos-9/files/page13-1003-full.html but you takes what you gets... Ill remove if it offends... By the way I love the Euphonia, Townsend's Warbler,
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    This isn't an ABA species. Looks better for Greenish Elaenia.
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    Hoping this is a Fox Sparrow Thank you Grants pass, Or
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    Feeder Fight feeder fight by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    Going on the assumption that it is a pigeon, this might be what you need: https://www.pigeon.org/lostbirdinfo.htm
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    With that combination of the lack of pale wingbars, narrow white supercilium, and small, dark bill, this is 100% a Greenish Elaenia. Tennessee Warblers would have longer, pointier bills and a longer supercilium/eyeline. Warbling Vireos would have a broader supercilium.
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    Elegant Euphonia by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    First birds in a while (8 months). Been trying to get a decent Bird I for a long time. Decent finally. My Vanity Website, birds and all. Not a retail site.
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    Sorry, I'm not very good at terminology. Wouldn't basic adult and immature hirundo have white foreheads? This bird, as I said before, doesn't show any signs of that plumage. And to clarify, I think this bird is an abnormal hirundo, the expected ssp. Also note how the bill is curved downwards, not relatively straight like a Siberian.
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    I have not seen a junco yet. Usually they show up at my house the first of November or very end of October. I will keep a look out. This very cold weather we have moving in this weekend should help spur the migration.
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    My stylist, you ask..? Ed Grimley, of course!
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    Both are correct. First is an adult, second is a first cycle.
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    Song sparrow. Prominent central streaking.
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    Dark-eyed Junco (Slate-colored); DuPage Co., IL Photo a little noisy - overcast today
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    A few Juncos and Robins showed up in my yard today. But other than that every thing has left and nothing has showed up.
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    Lefty reenacts the day he bowled a perfect game...
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