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    *Yesterday* Cooper's Hawk; DuPage Co., IL
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    Evening grosbeak and red crossbill visit Las Vegas
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    I've only seen one other gyrfalcon before but it was an adult and this is a juvi I believe.
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    1) Red-shouldered it appears 2) Yes 3) Yes plus two Ruddies 4) RW Blackbird
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    Golden crowned kinglet chomping on a moth
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    Butterfly from today--Long-tailed Skipper
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    Young Red-tailed Hawk (bulky build, short brown tail with thin dark bands, no pale barring on secondaries).
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    I was afraid of this. I'll just label it as "American or Fish Crow" for now. Thanks
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    Welcome back! 1. and 2. Nonbreeding adult Spotted Sandpiper - note the plain brown above, white below, and yellow legs. Its distinctive behavior of tail bobbing can help confirm its ID. Yellowlegs would have thinner/longer bills and legs, causing a less compact appearance. 3. Greater Yellowlegs - note the slender, long-necked, small headed appearance, long yellow legs, and long, bicolored, slightly upturned bill. Lesser Yellowlegs would have a shorter, straighter bill and would be more compact. Willets would have grayer legs and a thicker, shorter bill. 4. Immature Black-crowned Night-Heron - immature Yellow-crowned Night-Herons would have a blunter bill, smaller white spots, and a different head shape.
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    Welcome, TobyY! You'll need to upload your photo(s) to the forum in order for us to see them. You can do this by clicking "choose files..." at the bottom left of the comment box.
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    I agree with Melierax, the first two look good for Cassiar. Third is probably an Oregon, although I’m not sure.
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    Looks good for a young Chipping Sparrow.
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    Yes. All breeding plumage Western Willets.
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    Second cycle Ring-billed.
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    Appears to be Dark-morph red-tail. Rufous tail, and no white streaking anywhere around the head.
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    Looks like Ring-billed to me.
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    This is my last gyr picture!
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    White-throated Sparrow; DuPage Co., IL
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    Brown-crested Flycatcher by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    Milkweed Borer: Cuckoo Bees Thicket Hairstreak: Mylitta Crescent Some sort of Blue (I forgot)
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    dragonfly4 by Denise Herpai, on Flickr
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    Semi-landscape: West Maui Rainbow by Drew Beamer, on Flickr
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