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    1, 3.Sharp-shinned Hawks 2. Cooper's Hawk 4. Looks like a young Peregrine Falcon
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    Thanks, Melierax and Phalarope! Yes, Cassiar are Oregon x Slate-colored, but the article by Rick Wright that sfinmt linked to says, 'It is worth remarking that the same scenario probably recurs even now, with occasional pairs of "pure" Oregon and Slate-colored Juncos producing young that potentially replicate the appearance of a true Cassiar Junco (Miller 1941 ). With that possibility in mind, it may be strictly more accurate away from the breeding grounds to speak of "apparent" Cassiar Juncos or "Cassiar-type" Juncos, though it seems likely that most such birds are in fact genuine Cassiar Juncos, members of the stabilized and geographically delimited population designated J. h. cismontanus.' Wright talks about that in more detail in his book on sparrows. Since everyone is wondering... I joined The Junco Complex group on Facebook and asked about these photos. The two responses I got agreed that the first two birds are Cassiar. One said weird intermediate birds like the third should go on eBird as cismontanus for the time being, but the other suggested that J. h. thurberi, the Oregon subspecies that breeds in most of the California mountains, can have gray flanks. So I'm going to put the third photo onto eBird under "Dark-eyed Junco" with the caption "You make the call." Also I apologize for misspelling "juncos" in the thread title.
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    Well, as an update, 2-3 blue jays returned about 3 weeks ago, along with a handful of squirrels, but nothing like the amount I had. The hawk got another pigeon during this time. It's funny - before the 2-3 jays came back, I would hear them calling in the woods behind our house, and I would toss the peanuts high in the air to come down in the preferred spot, but none would show up. So when they finally did, I thought it would be way more than 3. I'm still hopeful that my flock (or a new flock) will return.
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    Yep, note the belly band.
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    agree with Winter wren
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    I’m pretty sure it’s a Winter.
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    Indeed, you are correct, because neither of its parents were Verdins. 😎
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