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    Bummer! You really need an underwater camera for Greater Scaup! The only time they surface is by accident, and then only if no birders are present . Your best bet for seeing one is to lose the floppy birders hat. Then dress up like Jack Nicklaus, Serena Williams, or Waldo. If all else fails, try spandex.
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    First bird is a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Not sure about the hummingbird, but as mentioned above, probably Ruby-throated due to range.
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    This is an adult Cooper's Hawk. Note the very bulky overall, relatively large, blocky head with a light nape creating a capped appearance (Sharp-shinned would have a dark nape on a rounded head creating a hooded appearance), eyes close to the front of the head, and thick legs.
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    Both look like Lesser to me. For the first one, a Greater would show a wider bill with more extensive black nail and lack the peak behind the head. Also, the faint purple sheen to the head is a good indicator of a Lesser.
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    Red-tailed Hawk - Harlan's subspecies?
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    Henrietta musters her composure and prepares for a triple-axel
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    Looks like Red-tailed (possibly Harlans but rusty in undertail coverts throws me off)
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    I was trying to get closer, and get an angle that didn't show the wire. A group of mountain bikers came through, and the eagles took off. I saw several hikers and runners pass nearby, and they were oblivious to these majestic birds.
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    Today, Congaree National Park.
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    Greater for sure. Nice pics.
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    While the first pic is lacking the peak on the back of the head, I'm leaning lesser. The bill looks thin, and there are no cheeks. The eye position and relative size also have me thinking lesser. I second the second pic being lesser.
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    ... but no blue feet CharliešŸ˜€
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    Brig is our local spot. and while Brig is one of the best spots in NJ... there are certainly many other birding locations just as good. Sandy Hook, most Cape May spots, Island Beach State park, etc... all have the great habitat for a mix of shorebirds, landbirds, and seabirds. Have had many a day of 100+ species and some 120+ days at all these locations in migration.
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    The first Ceder Waxwings of the year today!
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    Hermit Thrush!!
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    Pine Warbler Lufkin Park/Zoo by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    Lefty reenacts the day he bowled a perfect game...
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    A Red-winged Blackbird taking a ride on a Great Egret.
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