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    A different take on a landscape photo.
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    For the shorebirds, the 2 back right birds and the 1 back left bird are Dunlins - note medium size, fairly long drooping bill, brownish gray color. The frontmost bird is I believe a Western Sandpiper - note small size, black legs, rather long slightly drooping bill. The other two birds are dowitchers. Note that they are medium-large shorebirds with long, straight bills, fairly long legs, chunky bodies, pale eyebrows. I believe these birds are Short-billed Dowitcher but I'm not confident in that. The back one is still in some juvenile pumage.
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    Yes, that is a young Red-tailed. The Red-tailed Hawk is one species, but there are several subspecies of Red-tailed. My guess is that it's an Eastern, but I don't have much experience with Red-tailed subspecies.
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    I'm planning to do four, hopefully; leaving Friday for three in different parts of Guatemala and one more in January. I haven't been able to get info about the Baja Verapaz count yet so hoping that will work out!
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    Northern Shoveler-6180 by peter spencer, on Flickr
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    Agreed. I think the dowitchers are indeed Short-billed.
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    That is a Black-crowned Night-Heron.
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    Thank you! Am excited to be here amongst fellow birders. Amazing what a few miles can make between what I see at my feeders and on my rural property and what my friend sees on her property just a few miles north. She has a denser wooded area whereas my property is mixed wooded and pastures with a creek running through so I get a nice mix of this and that...
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    Warbling Vireo from today
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    I lived in Gilbert for a few months while working on a project using a facility at the ASU Polytechnic Campus in Mesa. Gilbert Water Ranch is a great spot - definitely a favorite of mine! Lots of cool stuff. You may already know all the spots I'd suggest, but if you live in the area, I definitely have some suggestions about good birding spots!
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    1. Least Sandpipers 2. I think Neotropic 3. Neotropic
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    Christmas Bird Count!
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    Fall colors at sunrise. Jonsrud Viewpoint, Oregon
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