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    Unfortunately, we lost our snow this year so this is one from last Christmas, the local park. Also a local Snowy Owl.
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    Hooded Oriole by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    Looks like a large Snowy Elf Owl and a flock of ReinKildeer! Merry Christmas 😄
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    Ops! My photo must have not made it.
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    We took a quick walk this afternoon. Found this nice Eastern Phoebe 2i5h3NS
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    Snowy Egret by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    I agree with leucistic American Goldfinch. I took these photos of one a couple of years on my feeder. They might have been twins separated at birth....er...hatch?? IMG_0633-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr IMG_0429-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
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    I don't think that's on the ABA list. Try the "Help Me Identify a Bird Outside North America" forum.
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    If you had a white Christmas, post it here. If not, post a Snowy Egret, Snowy Plover, Snow Goose, Snow Bunting, Snowy Owl, or Himalayan Snowcock.
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    Taken today in Barnegat light,I dont know what else it could be. Bird was preening on beach,looked tired maybe injured, called, left message for possible rescue but with the holidays I havnt heard back. I left it on the beach, actively preening,hope it survives...
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    I thought the same thing,thats why I am asking...
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    Yes, yes, and yesyesyesyesyes... And I'm out of reactions. All I wanted for Christmas was a few more reactions!
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    @HamRHead Do these count to? Snowy Cotinga Snowy-throated Kingbird Snow Mountain Robin Snowy-throated Babbler Snowy-cheeked Laughingthrush Snowy-browed Nuthatch Snowy-crowned Robin-Chat Snowy-browed Flycatcher Snow Mountain Munia White-winged Snowfinch Tibetan Snowfinch Black-winged Snowfinch White-rumped Snowfinch Pere David's Snowfinch Rufous-necked Snowfinch Blanford's Snowfinch Afghan Snowfinch Snow Mountain Quail Caucasian Snowcock Altai Snowcock Snow Partridge Snow Pigeon Snowcap Snowy-bellied Hummingbird Snowy Sheathbill Snowy-crowned Tern Snow Petrel Pagodroma nivea Snow-capped Manakin
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    as requested by Birdnuts, thanks IMG_1407 by haroldwebe, on Flickr IMG_1404 by haroldwebe, on Flickr IMG_1406 by haroldwebe, on Flickr
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    This is a Vesper Sparrow... I think @The Bird Nuts was asking if you had more pictures of the other bird, which I believe is a Savannah Sparrow.
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    I think its a hatch year bird, and a rather messy one at that, as it doesn't have the yellow eyebrow yet, etc... a case could be made for Vesper but I don't see any white in the tail and the eye-ring is not prominent enough for Vesper, so I'm pretty sure its Savannah. Most other sparrows can be ruled out - too slender, short-tailed for melospizas; bill too small, head too round for ammodramus; too streaky, patterning not right for spizella (Brewer's unlikely in MS). I think it can be narrowed down pretty well to Vesper or Savannah, and seems better for a young Savannah, but I'm not certain on that, I don't have a ton of experience with Vesper.
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    NW New Mexico between Shiprock and Farmington. Caught these earlier tonight. Can anyone identify them? Merry Christmas!
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    I agree with this now... for some reason I completely overlooked the fact that the bird had any color 😂 .
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    Are these different birds? The first one looks like a Savannah Sparrow to me and the second one looks more like a Vesper Sparrow (white eye-ring, dark ear patch with pale wrapping around it), but I may be wrong.
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    I think it looks good for a leucistic American Goldfinch. Cool bird!
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    I have a white christmas! But here's a Snowy Egret and Snowy Plover anyway:
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    https://ebird.org/map/brnpel?neg=true&env.minX=-74.72675131250003&env.minY=40.29736618707366&env.maxX=-73.23261068750003&env.maxY=41.09594392699658&zh=true&gp=false&ev=Z&mr=on&bmo=11&emo=12&yr=cur&byr=2019&eyr=2019 Not saying anything about this particular bird ID since we do not have much to go on. Just stating that Brown Pelican should not be thrown out based on location alone as there have been many sightings in the general area in NOV/DEC of this year alone and more if you zoom out to include the NJ coast(not that far from Rockaway as the Pelican flies)
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    Swamp Sparrow is correct!
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    You're not driving far enough.
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    I miss the days of seeing multiple lifers on the drive to the grocery store :..(
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