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    Osprey with unusual catch at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve
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    Pileated Woodpecker on a snowy day
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    Got within 10 feet of an AMAZING male Barn owl about 20 mins. after midnight. Unfortunately didn't have my camera. šŸ˜ž
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    Summer Tanager by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    I've been going through some photos of mine and found a photo of a wet CLNU:
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    My prediction of Dark-eyed Juncos was wrong. My first bird of the year was a small covy of California Quail which was a pleasant surprise. šŸ™‚
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    My first bird of 2020 was a seagull. It was flying, and I couldn't tell what kind of seagull it was. Happy New Year!!
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    Savannah Sparrow is correct, due to the small pink bill, short tail, tan cheeks, crisply streaked underparts, and yellowish stripe above the eye. The white feather is actually on the tertials (not the rump). This feather represents leucism, which is a partial loss of pigmentation in a bird resulting in pale feather(s).
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    American Robin, Cedar Waxwing, American Crow, Tufted x Black-crested Titmouse (hybrid)...
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    Depends how early I wake up... if I wake up before dawn to go birding, perhaps a Great Horned Owl (one is vocalizing in my neighborhood now), or if I sleep in, perhaps a Hermit Thrush in my yard. That being said, I plan to chase a Arctic Loon(!!!) tomorrow which was seen in my county this morning... but I'd be much more likely to see Surf Scoter, Bufflehead, Western Gull or Glaucous-winged Gull first at that location.
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    Either a Junco, one of the two Old World Sparrows (I love MO), or cardinal. Iā€™m hoping for a Bald Eagle or something else cool like that.
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    I'll probably get Dark Eyed Junco as my first year bird, unless I can call in an owl or something šŸ˜
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    Awesome birds! Pintails are pretty neat. Here's a long needed great horned owl that I observed recently.
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    Well, I had to get one more wrong before the year ends!
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    I'm getting a female Redhead feel from the circled ducks. They appear to have blue bills and are about the same size as the male Redhead.
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    Northern Pintail and Common Goldeneye! And one photographic lifer: Ruddy Duck!
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    I got two lifers today! Northern Pintail and Common Goldeneye!
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    Yucca Valley in the Mojave desert looking north from the Mesa.
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    First bird is easy. I traditionally go photograph birds on the first day of the new year. Typically in the blackland prairie region of Texas. Photography conditions were somewhat dismal but the birds were out doing the survival thing. Red-tailed Hawk
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    Quite a lot of shorebirds winter in New Jersey, with at least 16 species being more or less reliable at that season there. While the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay beaches host the very reliable Dunlin, Sanderling, and a few others, the back-bay areas (such as DeKorte) probably host the best variety, such as your dowitcher. The the eBird occurrence graphs.
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    This is an immature Lesser. https://cobirds.org/CFO/ColoradoBirds/InTheScope/21.pdf http://cowyebird.blogspot.com/2018/02/greater-scaup-ebird-problem-child.html
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    I'd call that just a Common due to the spur of white on the dark neck and heavy bill. Common Loons occasionally will show whitish flanks/expose their white belly. Arctic Loons have more extensive bright white on the flanks.
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    Tufted Duck in Santa Barbara, CA a few days ago...
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    Out birding on east shore of San Francisco Bay like 10 miles from my home. Got out before the sun rose so didn't see anything until I got there.
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    @HamRHead and @Charlie Spencer Unambiguous, exact, unmistakable, explicit, doubtless, specific undeniably and definitely!
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    Commons don't normally get down to SC.
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    Haven't been birding yet, but my first bird would be a Tufted titmouse I heard singing outside. Happy new year!
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    First heard for me was the Great-Tailed Grackles lining up for early AM baths. First seen was in fact a White-Eared Hummingbird.
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    Red-breasted Mergansers are correct. Note the slender appearance, shaggy crest, and thin red bill. The similar Common Merganser would have a rounder head, contrasting white on the head and neck, and stouter bill.
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    Male eastern bluebird
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    Only one bird so far--Carolina Wren.
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    The first looks like an Armenian Gull to me: dark eye, extensive black on the wing with only one window on front edge For the second, I would choose Caspian over Yellow-legged due to bill descriptions in "Birds of Europe"; for Caspian, "Bill long and evenly narrow with attenuated point, lacking marked gonys angle." For Yellow-legged: "Heavy bill with strongly-curved tip and well-marked gonys angle in most...." Not willing to make a guess on the third :-)
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    Yes, Ruddy. What were your lifers?
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    In one window and out the other šŸ˜„
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    And this, was my best day of birding.....EVER!!! (And yes, I removed the location) Ya know, just a casual 20 species of warbler...out of 22 we have here....šŸ˜šŸ˜‡ May 11, 2019 7:09 AM - 12:13 PMProtocol: Traveling4.5 mile(s)69 species Species are in the quote, for all who wants to read them...or those who want to skip them.
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    Happy New Year's eve everyone! Post your total species of the year! And how many lifers if you want. šŸ™‚
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    Something from 2015 Scisor tail Flycatcher by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    Early morning shot of a double crested cormorant at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve
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    You're not driving far enough.
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