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    If by 'acting strange' you mean hopping along the ground or onto low shrub branches while cheeping pitifully, that's standard behavior for a newly fledged wren (and a lot of other species too). The bird will pass through this stage in a few days as it becomes more proficient at flying and finding its own food. Mom and Dad are usually somewhere in the area, along with any nestmates.
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    One of my favorites. ❤️
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    Rare Female Black-and-white Warbler Last Weekend. Point Reyes CA.
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    With Northern Waterthrush being a lifer for me I took off with camera in hand and setup until I finally got a picture of this guy. While waiting to get a shot I checked my phone to see if there was anymore replies to this post and found what Bird Nuts had posted. After a short wait I was able to grab a couple shots with my camera then snagged a couple video clips. Thanks guys!! Here's the clips to confirm The Bird Nuts ID. Untitled.mp4
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    That is an Indigo Bunting.
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    the wings look long enough,but peeps are not my strong suit...
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    Seconded. Note the white-tipped tail and very dark upperparts.
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    Welcome to Whatbird! This is an Eastern Kingbird.
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    And you can tell it was just fledged because of the bright yellow gape visible along the side of the beak, which shows the parents where to bring the food.
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    I think this is a young Morning Dove. What do you all think? Corpus Christi TX 5/26
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    IMG_7091 by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    The forked tail says swallow, not swift, but don't ask me which one. With the tail notch being that deep, I'm guessing Barn Swallow.
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    An adult Cooper's Hawk is correct.
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    That's an American Goldfinch. Note the conical bill and black wings.
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    That's a juvenile Carolina Wren.
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    This is a Downy Woodpecker. Note the barred outer tail feathers
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    Agreed. Also the fact that its at the very top of a branch suggests Olive-sided.
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    Yep, Tufted Titmouse. Location and date are always helpful.
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    1. Young Broad-winged Hawk (blotchy streaks on upper breast, pale supercilium, dark malar, wider tail bands) 2. With the big head and bill, I think it looks okay for an Olive-sided
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    That’s a female-type Black Redstart.
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    White faced X Glossy Ibis hybrid
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    Western Meadowlark in loud mode.
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    White-Breasted Nuthatch and Red-Tailed Hawk
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    Yellow-breasted Chat by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    Actually from yesterday. Common Snipe.
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