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    I actually have 3 brown Thrashers. So regal.
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    The male painted bunting came by today and the weather conditions were perfect to get a pic of him.
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    I had about decided that I was not ever going find a Cuckoo, when I had a camera. I hear them consonantly, but I never can find them. Photographic lifer Yellow-billed Cuckoo!
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    That looks like an immature male Summer Tanager to me.
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    Welcome! Carolina Wrens are known for nesting in manmade objects, and potted plants seem to be favorite spots. These little ones will bounce around your yard like brown tennis balls for a few day until they become better fliers. Don't disturb the nest; she may well reuse it in the next couple of weeks.
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    My favorite bird at the Japanese garden in Fort Worth TX -GBH Ft Worth Japanese Garden 7-2-20 by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    I have baby woodpeckers too. ❤️❤️❤️ So excited. Parents and 2 kids.
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    This is a normal Belted Kingfisher. Judging size in the field is very difficult. However, you can infer that the pine cones around the bird are probably about 2" in length, making this bird a little more than 10". That's the approximate size for a kingfisher.
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    Yes, this is a young male Red-winged Blackbird. I'm thinking either AHY or SY.
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    A pair of Goldfinch came by today. The female stayed and posed for a while.
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    Yesterday - Common Merganser leaving its nesting site halfway up a grain elevator to get a huge drink of water - thirsty work raising little ones.
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    The Phoebe is Black, not Eastern.
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    That’s a Greencap Eremomela.
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    A bump from 2018 with a user that hasn’t joined since. Odd.
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    Warbling. Pale lores and yellow concentrated on flanks, not throat. Another juvenile European Starling.
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    I went back to NC to do two Hatteras pelagic trips. First trip went out, but the second was cancelled due to rough seas. Before the trip I got a lifer Chuck-will's-widow, but no photos. Five lifers on the boat. Only had a few Audubon's Shearwaters, and they stayed really far away so I only got a terrible photo: Audubon's Shearwater by mattgrube, on Flickr Band-rumped Storm-petrel by mattgrube, on Flickr Black-capped Petrel by mattgrube, on Flickr Cory's Shearwater by mattgrube, on Flickr We actually had at least two Trindade Petrels as well! Trindade Petrel by mattgrube, on Flickr Trindade Petrel by mattgrube, on Flickr The day of the cancelled boat was when the White-winged Tern was reported, so that turned into an excellent consolation prize for my 7th lifer of the trip. White-winged Tern by mattgrube, on Flickr
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    Hello, We have have a delightful field of sunflowers here in Central Texas. There are Dickcissel's and red-winged blackbirds everywhere. this one stood in place long enough to let me capture this photo, complete with his bee partner!
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    The person to ask about COGR subspecies is @akiley.
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    Welcome to Whatbird! As another field mark, the purple iridescence on the head combined with bronze iridescence elsewhere is typical for mature male Common Grackles in most areas. I think the purple interspersed with the bronze makes this a "Ridgway's Grackle", intermediate between the widespread purple-headed "bronze" form and the all-purple form. Maybe. Who took my old Peterson's?
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    Grackles have larger bills and longer tails than Brewer's Blackbirds. The one with the dark eyes and more brown color is a juvenile Common Grackle.
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    This is a Common Grackle. It's the only grackle in the North-east with a pale eye
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    Cinnamon Teal. (is it cinnamon colored, or teal colored?) 😃
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    Actually from yesterday. Common Snipe.
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    Orchard Oriole by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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