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    Finally got a Sora to make itself seen in the County. First one for our eBird Illustrated Checklist.
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    Maintenance was done; looks like everything is fine now... Let me know if there are more problems.
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    That is an Archangel, known also as a Gimpel. The colors are intense. Not an uncommon variety of domestic show pigeon. They come with copper or gold bodies, and various colored wings, including white as pictured here. But, pigeons with white wings occur in a number of breeds. It is usually called magpie, or saddle, or white wing or pied. And thanks for the vote of confidence. At least I am knowledgeable on something, I think. 🥴
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    Well, Einstein said that time is relative, and I'm beginning to believe that. The older I get the faster time seems to go, so I must be getting older and older faster and faster. My oldest son will be 50 in Oct, so what does that make me??!!!??? He should still be in his teens!
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    Last week. Yellow-crowned Night-heron.
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    You bet!! If I reverse the numbers in my age and divide them by 2 I'm only 13-1/2 yrs old!!! 😁 Unfortunately that will only work for 10 more days, though. Then if I do that I'll be 18-1/2. See how much faster you age the older you get!!??!!
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    MN, 7-16-19 Common Yellowthroat : Here is the whole shot, I thought it was cool he got into a bit of a yellow patch....
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    Got nine lifers on a two day trip to Oklahoma last week! Barred Owl, Eastern Kingbird, Pine Warbler, Yellow-throated Warbler, Black-and-white Warbler, Northern Parula, Pileated Woodpecker. and Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Fish Crow no photos.
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    If I gotta get old I'm taking as many people with me as possible!!
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    Yeah, I'm ten years younger than @Bird Brain but somehow his formula makes me only six months younger 😞 😭
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    MN, It seems the younger crowd is wearing spiked hair again. :
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    I don't think I like your math theory, @Bird Brain. According to your formula, you start aging 1 year for every 2 days at your age. I always thought it just felt like that, I didn't want to see a math formula that supports that theory.
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    I photographed these terns this morning, 07-19-2019 at Bombay Hook NWR, Smyrna, Delaware, USA. I'm thinking Forster's Terns but want to make sure before I post the shot on Facebook. Thanks in advance, ...Jerry
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    Chinook Pass in WA. Mt Rainier is behind me lost in the clouds! Do this was plan B
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    Welcome! Did it looks like this? https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQSCq4yFSTKOIDoZf8Cy9VvolIK7EyMScNnlNxM2M3CuzqfBGvc
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    If it makes me 24 years younger than you then I'm all for it!!! 😄 I'm not gonna try to figure it out....I'll just leave it the way it is! I'm glad only the Young birders will be graded, cause I've already got a headache just thinking about it! It's about time for my nap anyhow.😊
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    So you're x years younger than me, and 3x years younger than @Bird Brain. It's all a matter of how long you've been in your current decade, young man! (Wait till the young birders find out we'll be grading them on this...😅
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    Even though @Bird Brain and I share the same birthday, we don't share the same view on math. His math formula makes me 24 years older than it makes him when I am actually ?? years younger. Something is definitely wrong with the math there. Sorry young birders for filling your space with us old birders. I'm also sorry for the ?? above, too. They were just put there to see who does, and doesn't, do their own math. I just have to check the visits to my profile to see who had to cheat to get the right answer. LOL I bet the Young birders weren't expecting this to turn into a math lesson...
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    Looking at range maps, it appears COGOs aren't supposed to be there in the summertime (assuming this is in California). I'm thinking it is in such bad shape it can't move far.
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    Birding has been very light around here lately, but the moths haven't. Nearly 4.5" wide Imperial Moth Dark Marathyssa Moth Tufted Bird-dropping Moth I think this is my first Angle Shade - Olive Angle Shade Four-toothed Mason Wasp More here - https://www.balancethechaos.com/birding
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    Yellow-throated Warbler (Setophaga dominica) by hbvol50, on Flickr
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    1. Eastern Phoebe 2. Young Eastern Kingbird
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    The grayer ones could also be young birds born earlier this spring/summer.
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    Congrats, Sean!!! Maybe you can find a Rock Pigeon and maybe even a Northern Mockingbird next!!! 😀 (Just kidding!!)
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    I could see this as a Ruddy Shelduck... there are populations breeding in the Netherlands. Was this near a body of water?
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    Your credit card number and expiration date? Let me know if you need help setting that up.
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    Look at my profile photo, a photo from Tennessee 2011 (I don't have to explain further)
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    Brown Thrasher by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    Cool picture! Yes, these are Forster's Terns. The adult does not have a gray breast, has an orange bill (Commons have a more reddish bill), and has less black on the wing. The fresh juvenile has a black "mask," and this black does not extend to the nape as a Common fresh juvenile would have. Also, Forster's juveniles are lighter brown than Common juveniles.
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    Vesper Sparrow and Mountain Bluebird, two classic grassland species found in the upper Midwest.
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    I'm awfully late to the picture, but this fella has been around for the past week or so. Maine is killing it on the rarities again this year, I don't know if that's something to be afraid of.
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    5 day 4 night Trip to Big Sur yielded 4 lifers! black swift, 2 CALIFORNIA CONDORS, rufous-crowned sparrows, and pacific wren.
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    A cooperative Prothonotary Warbler.
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    I saw three young Hooded Mergansers this morning on a shallow creek in Ohio which I think is a bit late in the season for them to still be here.
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    Thirded. While adult male Purple Martins have an iridescent dark purple overall with brown-black wings, females and immature males have variable amounts of gray in the front of their face, chest, and belly. To tell a Chimney Swift from a Purple Martin, notice how the swallow has less curved and more triangle shaped wings and has a longer, hooked tail. Also, look at their behavior. Like Charlie pointed out, Swifts cannot perch. Furthermore, Chimney Swifts usually flutter their wings high in the air, while Martins glide, swoop, and have less shallow wing beats as well as fly lower to the ground.
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    There are a lot of behavior differences between kinglets and flycatchers. Kinglets usually are in a hunched over position, while flycatchers are usually in an upright position. Also, kinglets are in constant motion foraging, while flycatchers are usually waiting for their prey. Flycatchers often show their crest. In plumage and shape, kinglets have a very short first wingbar, while this flycatcher has 2 prominent wingbars. Kinglets have slimmer, fully black bills. (When I am talking about kinglets, I am only talking about Ruby-crowned). Golden-crowned have a black mask. After knowing these characteristics and having a lot of experience, it is not that hard to separate them! 😄
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    Most wren species will do that. They're noisy all out of proportion to their size. Welcome!
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    1 & 5: Solitary Sandpipers 2-4: Spotted Sandpipers
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    No, that's not right. All of these pictures (make sure to expand the picture) are of either pure Mountain Chickadees or Mountain Chickadee X Black-capped Chickadee hybrids. I am sorry but I can't help because this individual is not very distinctive in intermediate features. Maybe another person can help. This link can maybe help: http://birdhybrids.blogspot.com/2014/06/black-capped-chickadee-x-mountain.html
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    Lappet-faced Vulture in Kruger National Park, South Africa 🙂 More photos of it here: https://chirpbirding.com/?feed=6123
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    This is a domestic Rock Pigeon. Maybe an Archangel breed? @Pigeon, the expert at pigeon breeds at Whatbird, might tell you more.
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    Osprey Osprey by Johnny, on Flickr Osprey by Johnny, on Flickr
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