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    I got a half of a magpie! The top and bottom!
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    I believe Lesser Scaup--non-breeding male.
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    Notice the contrast between the head/neck and breast, the gray rather than white inner secondary (visible below those 3 black tertials)... I would not be comfortable calling this a Eurasian Wigeon, but I struggle with this ID frequently myself. It certainly does stick out among those female American Wigeons, but keep in mind that female American Wigeons are quite variable, and that hybridization between these species is fairly common. Summary: I don't think its Eurasian. Likely American Wigeon, possibly hybrid.
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    This bird, especially in the 4th photo, appears to have an almost nonexistent neck. Also the underwing coverts look pretty solid brown without a trace of the silvery that Sooty Shearwaters have. This doesn't look like a Sooty Shearwater to me. As @akandula mentions, the compact, short necked shape reminds me more of a petrel or fulmar than a shearwater. But I don't have much experience with Short-tailed Shearwaters and none with Murphy's Petrel, so I don't think I'm qualified to say any more.
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    Harris`s Sparrow. I take them for granted because so many swarm my yard every winter, but some people aren`t as lucky.
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    Agreed. All Cali Gulls of various ages.
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    Head shape makes it a Lesser Scaup. Coloring makes it a non-breeding male.
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    Turns out, he lives in the lobby of the Ponce Hilton. I have seen him multiple times in the past several days.
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    Someone warned me that my children would turn out rotten 😔
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    Saw this bird 1/18/20 on telephone wire in Skagit Valley, WA. The area is flat farmland but fresh and saltwater nearby. Area full of eagles and hawks. My first thought was immature bald eagle but then began to ponder possibility of red-tailed because of bill.
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    No I don't think so.
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    Female/immature Indigo Bunting is correct, due to the faint streaking on the breast, tan wingbars, and white throat.
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    1. and 3. Lesser Antillean Bullfinch 2. and 10. Carib Grackle 4. Gray Trembler 5. Gray Kingbird 6. Magnificent Frigatebird 7. Lesser Antillean Saltator 8. Laughing Gull 9. Royal Tern
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    A Raven about to start bothering a Golden... Nice rufuous-y intermediate Ferruginous Hawk.
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    GBH Japanese Garden Ft Worth TX by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    Black-throated Sparrow? on a cholla cactus.......I can't even walk by a cholla without getting stabbed by them.....ouch!
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    Black Scoter (they are pretty uncommon in SF Bay, always present in winter but in very small numbers mixed among thousands of Surf Scoters)
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