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    LeConte's Sparrow - lifer and rare bird for WA
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    Cackling Goose in front of Canada Goose:
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    I took this with my phone. This little Golden-crowned Kinglet kept looking at his reflection in the window. I put my hand underneath his body, and very gently grasped his legs with 2 fingers. He stayed so clam as I walked to the nearby trees and released him. He landed on one of the branches and I'm almost certain I heard him say 'thank you!" This is a lifer for me.
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    I found this bird in an almond orchard in Colusa County yesterday. Thinking juvenile Magpie but not certain. Appreciate any help! Thank you! Jim
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    Lincoln's Sparrow is correct.
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    Say’s Phoebe with that relatively large head. and 3. Savannah Sparrows - note the small pink bill, crisp streaks, short notched tail, and yellow stripe above the eye.
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    8 miles north of Yucca Valley CA. This Hawk is one ornery guy who hangs out here in the rural hi desert. He has dive boomed me a few times, while squawking the whole time. Not sure why, I like all the birds here. But this guy is something else. Kind of funny actually. So what kind of Hawk is it.
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    Hi All, Photos taken today 10/16/2019, Skidaway Island, Chatham County, GA. (on the coast) Want to post to eBird, but want a verification that this is a migratory Scarlet tanager. Thanks for your help.
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    I agree with this assessment.
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    Dark patagials, belly band---Red tailed Hawk.
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    Peregrine. Edit Not again!
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    This is a Field Sparrow. Note the pink conical bill, plain face, thin white eyering, and rusty crown and eyeline.
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    This is actually a Chipping Sparrow. The black eyeline that goes through the eye all the way to the bill is a diagnostic ID feature (a Clay-colored’s eyeline stops at the eye and doesn’t go to the bill).
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    My best for today is either Sandhill cranes or Pied billed grebe
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    I'm having difficulty with this bird. Does it have a yellow belly? The facial pattern look more like Warbling Vireo to me.
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    Yes, that looks like a Bell's Vireo.
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    Nashville Warbler! It has been high on my bucket list.
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    Red-headed Woodpecker and Ovenbird yesterday!
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    I got 16 lifers on a trip to Garner State Park! Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay, Yellow-throated Vireo, Hutton's Vireo, Olive-sided Flycatcher, Vermilion Flycatcher, Golden-fronted Woodpecker, Green Kingfisher, Ringed Kingfisher, Rufous Hummingbird, Hooded Oriole, Field Sparrow, Clay-colored Sparrow, Chipping Sparrow, Lesser Goldfinch, House Wren, Verdin, Common Raven. Here are photos of some of them.
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    Here's some not-so-confusing comparisons from today--Belted Kingfisher with a Green Heron, and a Little Blue Heron with a White Ibis.
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    Lesser and greater yellowlegs
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    Female Common Merganser on the left, female or juvy male Red Breasted on the right
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    Royal Tern in the front, Caspians in the back (and bonus Sandwich in the foreground.) terns1 by midgetinvasion, on Flickr
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