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    Was hiking on Mt Hood last Saturday evening. Zigzag Canyon had fog in it and the low sun cast my shadow onto the fog and created a rainbow effect. I'd never witnessed this before, but have since found out that these unusual mindbenders are referred to as a "glory".
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    Greater Yellowlegs and Eastern Wood-Pewee confirmed.
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    Looks good for a young Swainson's with the white on its face and chin, and the light undertail coverts. I'd say a young dark morph. Nice shots!!
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    This was taken 10 days ago , one of a family of Warbling that I have followed all season, through mating, nesting and fledging. Just for comparison.
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    I believe that one differentiator is the dark line through the eye. Philadelphia goes all the way to the bill while the line on a Warbling tends to get paler as it approaches the bill. That said, it is subtle and tricky for these photos. The first photo would suggest Warbling to me but more input is needed from those who regularly separate these species in the field.
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