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    Just testing out my new camera on some good ol' nuthatches 😁
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    I dunno who 'Ya Boi' is but he or she is obviously a genius.
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    They have pale blue wing coverts and green speculums. The terrible photo I took recently shows this, what appears white is actually the pale blue.
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    Peregrine. Edit Not again!
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    1 Say's Phoebe. 2 Pass. 3 Red-shouldered Hawk? 4 Yes. Edit sniped by akandula.
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    One of Illinois many prairies (he says envious of all the mountain/coast pics!) 😉
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    Nashville Warbler! It has been high on my bucket list.
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    This is a female Rose-breasted, due to the more streaked, whiter breast and more distinct eyebrow. Nice bird! Migrant Rose-breasted Grosbeaks are rare but very annual throughout Arizona.
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    Male House Finch - note the conical seed-eating bill, notched tail, red around the face and upper breast, and streaky brown back, belly, and tail. Cassin's Finches would have less streaking on the flanks and a more straight culmen. Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay - note the large size, long tail, and stout bill. Adults are blue and gray above, have clean gray underparts, and a partial blue necklace. The similar California Scrub-Jay can be separated by range (it lives further west). Pinyon Jays lack the contrasty white throat.
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    Agreed. A lot of yellow on the flanks and yellow supercilium.
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    Looks like a Pine to me. Bay-breasted has dark legs/feet for one.
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    Well its an awesome hobby!
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    I have passed two hundred Bird species and I have not even been birding for a year yet!
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    Say’s Phoebe with that relatively large head. and 3. Savannah Sparrows - note the small pink bill, crisp streaks, short notched tail, and yellow stripe above the eye.
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    Hi All, Photos taken today 10/16/2019, Skidaway Island, Chatham County, GA. (on the coast) Want to post to eBird, but want a verification that this is a migratory Scarlet tanager. Thanks for your help.
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    Dark patagials, belly band---Red tailed Hawk.
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    Merlin is right. The thrush jizz, overall gray-brown color, bold eye-ring, and complicated pattern of pale color in the wing (better seen in the second picture) will do it.
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    Thanks for the encouraging words and the quote. Along those lines the following words come to mind "Hope springs eternal....."
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    Yes, domestic Crested Duck (Mallard).
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    Don't be too sure. Deep down she was probably blown away. At least it won't hurt to imagine that she was.
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    Thanks @akandula and @The Bird Nuts. I had initially identified this as a Red-eyed Vireo but it was quite late in the year for this location (nothing locally after mid-September so flagged by eBird - still not accepted) and so the doubts set in, not helped by the poor photo. Many thanks.
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    Thank you. It was the yellow that gave me pine siskin.
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    The problem is that you are probably confounding "juvenile" and "immature" which are different things. Juvenile Swamp Sparrow Immature Swamp Sparrow Adult Swamp Sparrow
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    They're both juvenile Cooper's Hawks. Note the very broad white tail tip and, on the smaller bird, the contrastingly tawny hood. Male left, female right. Not a pair.
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    Can anyone identify this bird? It was seen at Don Edwards NW Refuge (near Alviso) today It is white with a black cap, white eye patch, black back, and yellow legs. The two photos below are of the same bird. Thank you.
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    Female/immature male magnolia warbler.
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    Don't you leave whatbird on us 😉 https://discord.gg/ZedUjym
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    Looks like Red Knot to me.
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    Hahahaha! But no, I didn’t violate any codes that I know of. My school’s system doesn’t have eBird blocked, so I took a screenshot of the picture and bam! It’s my background.
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    All are house sparrows. The first three are all of a male, and the last is of a male on the right and a female on the left.
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    Fermented crab-apple juggling by Gertie's (see above post by TexasCobra) cousin... Waxwing.mp4 Cedar Waxwing; DuPage Co., IL
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    Red tail Mountain Bluebird (I think - Westerns should have more orange than this and I don't think there are very many in Yellowstone. I havent seen any in my trips to Yellowstone.) Red tail Clark's Nutcracker Welcome to Whatbird!
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    I'll second the Red-Taileds. At the top of the second photo, there's a second bird behind the grasses. It's probably unidentifiable, unless you saw it when you were shooting the bird in the center right and noticed it was the same thing.
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    All the little black birds are shearwaters. Shearwaters are tough to ID to begin with, so I couldn't say if there's anything other than sooty.
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    So I may or may not have made my school computer background this picture I took of some American Avocets not long ago.
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    This is a Song Sparrow. Clay colored would not have this red coloration, and wouldn't have such striking markings on the face. Chipping don't have the malar stripe and their eye stripes are black, not red.
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    Indian Paintbrush in a high meadow near Three Fingered Jack, Oregon
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    I'm awfully late to the picture, but this fella has been around for the past week or so. Maine is killing it on the rarities again this year, I don't know if that's something to be afraid of.
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    I am sure I posted this before but this Grackle was nasty to this Black Crowned Night Heron
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    Female Common Merganser on the left, female or juvy male Red Breasted on the right
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