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    Merlin w/dinner, dont scroll down for the squeamish
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    Scisor Tailed Flycatchers by johnd1964, on Flickr
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    Finally got a good look at a Philadelphia Vireo!
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    Bay-breasted Warbler put on quite a preening show yesterday.
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    Black-throated Green Warbler by hbvol50, on Flickr
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    Today in Nashville American Golden Plover, 9-17 juvenile by hbvol50, on Flickr
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    My only half-decent picture in the past couple of days. The smoke has been so bad here its impossible to get sharp pictures. One day it was dark outside until 1 in the afternoon because of the smoke.
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    Pretty sure it's a Herring Gull, but not positive.
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    There actually is a Fox Sparrow here, hidden in plain sight in the foreground of picture 2. Its weaker face pattern and thick, triangular bill are visible here.
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    And much easier to ID than those 6,487 subspecies of Red-tailed!
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    PARTY AT AARON'S PLACE!!! Bring your own nectar.
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    I'm not sure where this picture would go, but It's interesting, so I'll share it here
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    This juvie Western Gull wasn't scared of me at all.
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    That’s a yellow rumped warbler
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    The first bird is a Magnolia Warbler and the rest are Tennessees.
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    I was not here last week and could not post, so I hope it is alright if I post a few.
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    You're in BC, right? Outside of Vancouver, what are there, maybe six people in the whole province?
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    formative-plumaged Ring-billed, which is a 3-year gull; California is a 4-year gull and don't get gray mantles until their second summer/fall Ring-billed in first fall California in first fall California in second fall
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    Yep! One of the prettiest hawks in the US in my opinion.
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    I’m seeing all Pine Warblers.
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    That's a Marsh Wren. Note the unstreaked shoulders and crown.
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    Pectoral (Foreground and Left) and Least Sandpipers
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    A Ruby-throated Hummingbird showing of his partly in gorget.
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    Yellow-billed Cuckoo with caterpillar by hbvol50, on Flickr
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    Lifer Canada warbler....very hard to photograph as it was in thickets most of the time. Rare for AZ
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    Parasitic? Jaeger (Left) vs Heermann's Gull (Right). While it might seem odd, Heermann's gulls can look very similar to Jaegers when at a distance, as the can looks similar in flight in pattern.
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    Orange-crowned with the light eye arcs.
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    The eyering is too strong for a Western Wood-Pewee. Looks like a Hammond's.
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    "Someone stole my head!"
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    Black-bellied Plover. Note the thick bill.
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    Hard to tell if there is streaking on the back for me (on the phone) but I like bag breasted for this bird. I can see a tinge if orange on its flank. stupid autocorrect
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    Looks like a Piping to me.
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