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    This photo isn't as sharp as I would have liked, but I decided to post it. I normally see Cape May Warblers maybe 5-6 times a year and feel fortunate to ever get a photo of one. It was a bit unusual to see one this early in the year in this area (Chapel Hill, NC) and this was a long range shot which I cropped more than normal for me. Even though it isn't a real sharp photo, I was happy to get it. Cape May Warbler by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    Western Kingbird and Yellow-billed Magpie
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    Varied Thrush - March 24, 2020
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    A local wetland has a low number of waterfowl this year but a good variety. This Northern Pintail flew in unexpectedly while I was photographing some Bufflehead.
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    Had to laugh at this one... the egret is like WTF did I get myself into...
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    That is actually a Tennessee Warbler. Note the lack of wingbars, the gray head with dark eyeline and white supercilium, the white underside, and the green back.
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    Ruddy Duck at San Jacinto Wildlife Area
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    Acorn woodpecker in San Dimas Canyon yesterday
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    Thategret and snake pic reminded me of this, it looked like the snake tied a knot around the Herons' beak. Snake still got eaten.
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    Great Blue Heron by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    Spotted Sandpiper (Identified by whatbird forum members)
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    This is a brand new species for me. A Golden-fronted Woodpecker
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    Male Horned Lark near Cheyenne, Wyoming.
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    Tricolored Blackbirds and first of spring Swainson's Hawks
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    We've been here long enough to know that the size of birds is very often completely misjudged. There once was a three-foot-tall Red-tailed Hawk, for example...
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    In flight, note the only the toes project beyond the tail; on Lesser, more than just the toes projects. The difference between the two is quite similar to that between Black-crowned and Yellow-crowned night-herons.
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    So true!! One day I saw an American Crow that was the size of a Golden Eagle! I could tell it was a Crow, but it looked so huge that I had to take a photo to convince myself. It was just the perspective of the view, but, DAMN, that thing looked big!!!
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    I'll be watching for babies soon - this nest is pretty easy to see from the road
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    Black-capped Chickadee - March 29, 2020
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    Ladderback Woodpeckers. There was a female nearby as well. San Antonio, TX.
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    Always in powered or gliding flight, and in all birds, unless they're maneuvering. A spread tail in flight creates drag -- bad, bad, bad.
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    Black-capped Chickadee foraging among the willow catkins.
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    Thought @Melierax might appreciate these...
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    I know plenty of out-of-North-America species and my first impression of this bird was an escaped male Reeveā€™s Pheasant with its tail cut off a little. Problem solved.
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    That's a typical adult Vesper Sparrow. Note the prominent white eyering, dark outlined auriculars, and thin streaking.
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    This is a great thread, not at all stilted, but willet ever end?
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    One day I found a American Robin, that was the size of a sparrow.
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    This owl was seen this morning at Georgetown lake in SW Montana. I believe it is a Great Grey., but would appreciate a confirmation. Great Greys were seen here, but not in the past 5-6 years. I'm hoping they're back. Sorry for the bad photo, its was away and all I had was my phone.
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    Darn it, I was hoping to see what a 'Rusty and Black Duck' looked like!
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    Looks like a Lucy's Warbler (notice the reddish crown).
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    Fartin' Frank couldn't figure out why none of of the other Geese would hang out with him........ IMG_3216-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
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    When we post a photo on this thread... You should name the bird in the picture! Thanks!
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