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    Black-billed Cuckoo. It's hard enough to find one of these birds but I saw three of them in the same area this morning.
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    Sticking With Mom! by hbvol50, on Flickr
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    Henslow's Sparrow (left click for better view)
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    Not the best light for taking pictures, but I love my Cedar waxwings.
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    Volcano Hummingbird, White-plumed Antbird, and a Yellow-throated Toucan pretending to be a banana 😛
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    Eastern Bluebird by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    MN. Many of the Mallard chicks in our area about the size of their moms, then these guys show up,. Just such beautiful little beginners, a bit later in the season for some reason, but keeping real close to mom this young.
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    Hoot hoot! Today I saw a Great Horned Owl! (Perhaps for the first time.) This was at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.
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    In the backyard Young Cooper's Hawk with prey (House Finch) by hbvol50, on Flickr
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    Northern Shoveler (f)-6198 by peter spencer, on Flickr
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    Finally...Hairy Woodpecker.
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    Male Longtail duck in the wash!!
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    Ringed Kingfisher by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    Northern Hawk Owl taken yesterday. Hawk Owl by Fred Durkin, on Flickr
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    Violet Sabrewing by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    My yard: The Sawtooths in Idaho: Makes me want to get better winter landscape photos this season 🙂
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    Sorry way behind, once again...LOL Palm Warbler
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    Hanging out near Austin tx and got a few lifers today. Canyon wren Spotted towhee Lincolns sparrow
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    Prairie Warbler by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    American Kestrel IMG_1888 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr Red-shouldered Hawk IMG_1002-001 by Wayne J Smith, on Flickr
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    1-10-19 MN : I"ve seen this boy Pileated in our Nature Center for over a period of three months - alone, and I thought it might be great if he had a girl friend, and myabe in the spring some babies. Then I shot a bunch of shots of this one, and figured it must have flown across the pond, 'cause I saw the Pileated ( male ) over there. And when I enlarge it at home - and what to my surprise, the forehead was brown, so I figured he got some mud on his head or something - but no - the red mustache was black too. What in the world.....IT'S A GIRL. I was so excited I felt like jumping up and down and screaming, but I got warrants, so I had to just cool it. I was so happy, I've never been a dad before. Probably a bit much for this site, but I'm new. Joe
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    I painted this Shoebill cartoon yesterday (mostly watercolors). @birdbrain22, how did I do?
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    Painted Bunting 2019/05/28.
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    White-throated Sparrow by Mark Goodwin, on Flickr
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    My best photos today! House finches went bonkers on one of my cherry blossom trees today munching the little yummy bulbs on the back side of the flowers, and then dropping them (stamens and petals) partially intact with a little hole left in th e middle. Spring has sprung in Sidney by the Sea!
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    This is probably the ugliest picture on this thread. But I had waited over 2.5 hours to get a picture of a male Painted Bunting. I barely got this shot before he hopped around to the far side of the feeder and did not show itself again. Bad picture, but it is my favorite shot of the day!
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    I'd like a Lizard this big......
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    A lovely little Barn Swallow.
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    Grrrrrr - power lines!
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