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  1. Administrator

    What bird is this [iBird request]

    So not female Vermilion Flycatcher? Isn't there is some orange coloring in the belly? Photo Sleuth gives the SAPH 11% and the VEFL 84%.
  2. I’m wondering if iBird Photo Sleuth got this right. See attached. Thanks mitch
  3. This is a very cool set of photos and a good study of how iBird Photo Sleuth works, especially in showing where it can be ambiguous. However I like that you submitted several photos so you could see what answers were most likely. In your iBird screen shots it shows 99% confidence its a Northern Waterthrush for 1 of the guesses and 90% confident for the other. While for the Louisiana Waterthrush its only 69% confident. I am curious which photo gave the Louisiana as the most likely? And did you find cropping the image made any difference in which species it guessed? Mitch
  4. Can someone help tell me what species of bird they think this is? Photo was taken by a customer in Oakland California by a customer on July 11, around 11 AM. iBird Photo Sleuth is 99% confident its a Black-crowned Night Heron but if that is true it is clearly not an adult. Thanks Mitch
  5. Sorry about that bad link to Google Drive, its now fixed. I guess this is what happens is when I don't have an editor check my work. This forum is made for responding to people who are using iBird Photo Sleuth. Eventually it will be tied into the app more directly but right now the forum opens in the app and makes it convenient if you are using Sleuth to submit a photo. We'll eventually port the app to Android.
  6. Administrator

    If you can ID this bird your a genius

    Thanks for letting me know you bought BAM. It’s the second most accessed search attribute in iBird, Location is #1. I have an idea for a new iBird feature. And since I’m discovering these forums are fertile grounds for opinions; I’m going to share it with the group and see if I can get some good opinions.
  7. Administrator

    What bird do you think this is?

    Because it makes communicating more friendly and human. I guess if you are asking that question you probably are trying to hide your identify. No problem, thats your choice.
  8. Administrator

    Laughing Kookaburra?

    Good find - it’s a kind of Easter egg. I just love that bird. We’ve had some complaints about so I’m glad to hear your not judging.
  9. Administrator

    iBird versus Merlin

    iBird UK Photo Sleuth is in development. When its available we will announce it in this forum.
  10. iBird Photo Sleuth is more accurate than Merlin so I submitted your photo. It’ also thinks it’s 74% likely to be a Broad-tailed Hummingbird. See attached. So who is really right, man or machine?
  11. Andre's comments hits all the main points, especially the love hate relationship. As a developer I love Apple's tools and the great SDK, especially compared to the other other game in town, Google's Android. However its not always sweetness being part of the Apple success story. Still I do feel proud that our iBird family of 15 apps contributed to Apple being the first company to hit a $1 Trillion valuation. Andre is right that Woz would never have allowed a product to be launched with such terrible thermal engineering. He would have demanded it go back to the drawing board and would have come up with some kind of magical solution. Dan I hear you on the Mac superior GUI over Windows. For that reason alone I won't be switching. But the Windows update approach is really brutal, I've had it interrupt a session that had been running on Windows for 10 hours. At least Apple's updates let you decide when you want to update and to even NOT update. Windows does not give you a choice any longer. While clearly the management under Tim Cook is a totally different breed from that of the past, its pretty clear that the old management would never been able to handle selling 50 million phones every quarter.
  12. Administrator

    iBird Photo Sleuth 1.2 Launched

    Patricia iBird Photo Sleuth runs on the iPad but as an iPhone app. So on the iPad you need to switch the store filter from iPad only to iPhone only. The app works just as well on the iPad as the iPhone. At some point in the future we will probably invest in reprogramming it to work on the iPad in native code. We also have a special bundle offer called the Delighted Birder. This consists of 3 apps: iBird Photo Sleuth, iBird Pro Field Guide to Birds and iBird Hawaii-Palau Field Guide to birds at a 50% discount. Both field guide apps have native iPad code, meaning the GUI is designed specifically for the iPad.
  13. Administrator

    iBird versus Merlin

    Hi John Great question. BTW I moved it from the Help Me Identify a Bird forum to this forum which is specifically for discussing iBird apps. So Merlin is a nice app, especially since it combines identification via a Q&A session with photo recognition and is free. However, in our comparing of Merlin and iBird Photo Sleuth we have found a number of advantages of iBird Photo Sleuth. Advantages of iBird over Merlin. iBird is about 10% to 15% more accurate than Merlin on birds of North America. This figure will likely change over time as we are constantly improving our recognition algorithm. If you have found any photos that Merlin guesses correctly and iBird does not, I would love for you to post them here so we can figure out what the reasons are. There are many more steps to initially setting up Merlin compared to iBird. For example you must download specific databases for the areas you wish to identify which means you must be connected to the internet. iBird is ready to go right out of the gate. iBird needs less steps to submit a photo. For example, Merlin expects you to enter the geographic location where you took the photo and the date. iBird doesn't require these steps. Granted they may help with the identification but in our testing this has not been the case. Merlin is missing photos of some very common NA species. I don't really understand this as they have a very large number of photos at the Cornell web site. The field guide information for the species in Merlin is no where near as comprehensive as in iBird. The world-wide coverage is missing large chunks of field guide information. Most of this species outside of North America lack photos, range maps and sounds. Advantages of Merlin over iBird. While iBird provides field guide information such as the overview of the bird and a range map, a separate iBird app (e.g. iBird Pro for iOS or iBird Pro for Android) is needed if you want elaborate field guide information. However, some people may consider this an advantage. Merlin coverage extends worldwide. iBird Photo Sleuth is about to cover the United Kingdom and Ireland. Those are a few of the things I have noticed so far. Hope this helps.
  14. Administrator

    What bird do you think this is?

    Bingo MerMaeve got it right, iBird Photo Sleuth says its 93% confident the photo is of a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. MerMaeve what is your real name? I could not see it in your profile.