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  1. Hi Kevin. Yes test its accuracy by noting when the answer is valid, wrong or partially true, when it does not respond, etc. All we be clear when you see the google sheet with questions and answers we have already accumulated. Right now it's about 92% accurate but we should get it to 99%.
  2. We are looking for some serious birders who would like to test the BirdBot. It is a web-based system that lets you talk to an AI system that can answer questions about birds of North America. It's like having an expert birder at your side. Since its for North America we am only looking for people in the United States of Canada for this testing. Our requirements are you’re an active birding hobbyist, have a good knowledge of bird identification, and extra points for keeping a Life List. Here are some example questions we will ask you to try (you are welcome to try your own too): * What birds are black and orange? * How many bluebird species are in America? * What family does the Killdeer belong to? * Is a kittiwake a gull? If you are interested please please let us know some details about yourself and why you would make a good tester. The job includes asking the BirdBot questions that we have created, then evaluating the answers in a Google spreadsheet. More details to follow if you are interested. Sincerely, Otis
  3. Quick update. We are having a problem with getting Apple's new IAP store to work with iBird Lite and in touch with developer support. Hope to have it resolved this week.
  4. So there is a problem with iBird Lite and we had to remove it from the store. Should be fixed by tomorrow.
  5. Dear Condor - I'm sorry its been so confusing. Can you please send this message to our ticket system so we can assign a support person to it and get you help. Please go to https://help.ibird.com/hc/en-us and fill out the form and paste in your text above. Also be sure and fill out the fields that describe the platform you are using.
  6. Is there anyway for us to increase the Like's limit, or is there a serious reason we have kept it where it is. We have hired someone to handle this kind of thing in addition to adding and pruning the forum areas people have asked for (like non bird nature stuff). I will let him know about this but any clarification on how it works and what the problem is would be helpful.
  7. FYI update we have been able to modified our free iBird Lite so that you can upgrade it to any of our country databases. If you have purchased iBird Plus or iBird Ultimate and they are on your device, iBird Lite will recognize them and the North American database will be free to download. From then on we will continue to update iBird Lite and its databases and you will not have to pay for it. I apologize for how long its taken us to get this working but it's been very difficult to get all the pieces working together. We hope to launch in the next week, baring any last minute glitches, so I can't guarantee this right now. We will also be updating iBird Plus, Pro and Ultimate so they will have the latest databases and IAP features, so that you can continue to use them. But per Apple's rules Plus and Ultimate will be frozen and not updated in the future. Again iBird Lite will be your solution to free updates in the future. You'll even be able to change its icon. Thanks for your understanding and patience.
  8. Aves are you pleased with the amount of changes you get when you update your Peterson Guide? Can you tell what is new material?
  9. iBird Photo Sleuth used its AI and neural network to come to the same decisions as adrian, #1 and #3 are Red-tailed Hawks, while #2 is a Ferruginous Hawk. We actually have very similar photos in iBird Pro species accounts. I attached the FEHA photos from the app.
  10. Yes we are still supporting iBird Journal. However, the app is currently undergoing a major makeover. If you have more questions please contact us using our Help system at https://help.ibird.com. This will allow us to see important information about your device.
  11. Please contact us using our Help system at https://help.ibird.com. This will allow us to see important information about your device.
  12. Please contact us using our Help system at https://help.ibird.com. This will allow us to see important information about your device.
  13. Yesterday Apple Developer Support called us and gave a few ideas on how we might be able to solve the update issue where Ultimate and Plus apps are now frozen and can't be updated. It's a fairly complex procedure that uses a feature of apps called the bundle IDs, and while way too complicated to explain here I'll keep everyone posted on our progress.
  14. Thanks Deb, it's great to hear that iBird Photo Sleuth got so many IDs correct for your photos. This is such a great forum.
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