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  1. I saw these birds last weekend at the Shawangunk grasslands in Ulster County, NY. I got some awesome pics of short-eared owls, but I wanted to confirm these two. Pretty sure its a juvenile bald eagle, but I don't know how to differentiate the other bird as crow or raven. It was being chased off by a short eared owl..
  2. I saw these birds last weekend at a local park, Parsons Pond, in Bergen County NJ. Before I submit on E-bird, I just need some help confirming some ID's. There were ring-necked ducks, but I think I also have lesser scaup in the first two pics. I think a wintering eastern phoebe, and then the sparrow, I just don't know.. song maybe? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I saw this bird last week at the Barnegat Lighthouse in Long Beach Island, NJ. There were several common loon. I think this one is also a common, but its beak seems smaller than the others, so I wanted to confirm first. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Going through my pictures from the Barnegat Lighthouse in Long Beach Island, New Jersey, and I found this sparrow. He was in some rocks along the barrier for the ocean. From this angle, I have no clue, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I saw these birds today at the Barnegat Lighthouse at Long Beach Island, NJ. The person who pointed them out to me said purple sandpiper, but its clearly not.. I'm fairly certain its a Dunlin, but I was hoping for confirmation.
  6. I saw these birds (maybe the same bird), on New Years Day at Parsons Pond in Bergen County, NJ. I think its an eastern phoebe, but its showing as rare on E-bird, so I want to confirm..
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