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  1. I saw these birds yesterday at the Garret Mountain Reservation in Essex County, New Jersey. I believe I have a poor lighting pic of an olive-sided flycatcher, (based on what I can make out of the coloring and its position), and an eastern wood pee-wee (shape of head and lack of eye ring). Any help would be greatly appreciated, and if there are better field markers that I should be using, I would appreciate that as well! 



  2. I saw these birds today at the Garrett Mountain Reservation in Essex County, NJ. I feel like my only guess is grey cheeked thrush... I'm pretty sure the second is a brown thrasher (which I realize is not a thrush..). Any help would be greatly appreciated.



  3. I saw these birds today at Dekorte Park, at the meadowlands in New Jersey. There have been multiple reported sightings of white-rumped sandpipers.. I've tried many times to submit what I thought might be white-rumped... but I'm always wrong 😞 So... I'm a glutton for punishment. Can you take a look at these birds? With the black legs, prominent white eyebrow, and heavy streaking, especially on the front right, I'm thinking maybe....



    IMG_6236 (2).JPG

    IMG_6235 (2).JPG

  4. I saw these birds today at a local nature preserve in Essex County, NJ. I think I have

    1. An olive sided (which is odd because E-bird says these are rare, but its the second one I've photographed in the last two weeks)

    2. Is this ID-able with just the back side?

    3. Eastern wood peewee





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