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  1. That's a new one for me... barely saw it in the grass. Thank you!
  2. I saw this little one in a marshy area in Cape May, NJ at the beginning of June. Not sure if I got close enough to get a usable picture, but any help would be appreciated...
  3. I saw this bird in Cape May, NJ last week. I am pretty certain this is a whimbrel, but any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. I saw these birds in November in Cape May, NJ. Any help and pointers with IDing them would be greatly appreciated
  5. Thank you! I really missed this site, so glad its back! A Long Tailed Jaeger would be a first for me!
  6. It's really great that this site is back up. I am so appreciative.... I saw these birds last November off Cape May NJ. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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