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  1. I saw this bird today at Becker Park, in Northern, New Jersey. I couldn't the camera on it until it had almost passed me...  I thought it was a raptor, but seemed very pale on its chest and belly compared to the usual red tails I see.... Any help would be greatly appreciated.




  2. I saw these birds today at the Barnegat Lighthouse in Ocean County, NJ. I thought these were all female Common Eider, but now I see someone reported a King Eider... So the first pic I think is female common, and the second pic has a male common, but after that, I don't know what I'm looking at.. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    IMG_9652 (2).JPG




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  3. I saw this bird at the Raritan Bay in Middlesex, NJ last week. Unfortunately, I wasn't focused on this bird, and I just noticed it in the background of one of my pics.. It seems to lack the black wing tips I would normally see on a herring or ring-billed gull, so I was wondering if it was something more interesting. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  4. I got these pics today in Central New jersey, along the Raritan River. I saw a peregrine falcon later.. are these pics also of the peregrine falcon? Or is this something else. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The last pic was the falcon, along the water... I'm not sure what its doing... is it eating a rock? Maybe that's shellfish?






  5. I spent the day at Overpeck Park in Northern New Jersey, mostly looking for a pink-footed goose that was reported on E-Bird recently...so I spent a lot of time looking at geese. This one seemed odd with the facial markings, but I'm sure its just a Canada Goose with a very narrow cheek patch... but I didn't know there was such a thing as a pink footed goose until recently....






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