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  1. OK, I think I have gone through all my pics during my recent trip to the Edwin Forsythe Wildlife Refuge in Ocean County, NJ… This is the last group of peeps that is confusing me.. I'm looking at these peeps and I know I see semi-palmated sandpipers, but the bird in the back looks darker.. the more I stare at these pics, the more they all look different.. I need help. Are these all just semipalmated sandpipers?


    IMG_2450 (2).JPG

    IMG_2451 (3).JPG

  2. I saw these birds at a wildlife refuge in Ocean County New Jersey last week. I know these are dowitchers, and I think these are all short-billed dowitchers. But if there is a long-billed dowitcher in the mix, or anything else...I would greatly appreciate anyone telling me how they ID'd it... The bird in the foreground of the first pic was the one I thought most likely to be a long-billed. Any help would be greatly appreciated.





    IMG_2286 (2).JPG

  3. OK, I have a few more that have me confused. I saw these birds last week at a wildlife refuge in Ocean County New Jersey. In the first pick, is the bird on the left a willet and on the right a yellow legs or spotted sandpiper? Are the big gulls in the second pic Herring gulls? I think those are avocet behind a forsters tern in the third pic.. I didn't even notice the avocet when I was trying to get the gull.. that was a peasant surprise. And is the next tern a gull billed tern? Are the flying birds whimbrel? Any help would be greatly appreciated.







  4. I saw this bird at a Wildlife refuge in Ocean County, NJ. I thought it was a Forster's tern, but Merlin came back with two of the three pics as a Roseate Tern (the middle pick came back Forster's tern...). I can't figure out to differentiate the two, so any help would be greatly appreciated.






  5. I saw these birds a few days ago at a Wildlife refuge in Ocean County, NJ. I thought the first bird was a yellowlegs, but it was small, and the beak seems small..  Could it be a solitary sandpiper? I know the other pic is dowitchers, but how do you differentiate short billed from long billed? And I think those are semipalmated sandpipers in flight? Any help would be greatly appreciated.






  6. I saw these birds yesterday at a Nature Preserve in Ocean County NJ. Shore birds give me a lot of trouble... I think the first is a semipalmated sandpiper.. I think the next three have a dowitcher, (short billed if I had to guess...) and I think a least sandpiper... but like I said, I could be way off... any help would be appreciated.





  7. I was at the Edwin Forsythe Wildlife Refuge yesterday, and there were a lot of shorebirds...I am working my way to try and identify what I can, but I feel like I am going to be sending a lot of requests to help.. 

    These birds were at the entrance to the refuge, and I think I have a chipping sparrow (but its darker than other chipping sparrows I have photographed), some purple martin, and what I believe are Sanderlings? Any help would be greatly appreciated





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