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  1. Orange-crowned would be rare here at this time of year but I see why you're thinking that.
  2. Corpus Christi, Tx. Most yellow warblers I have seen have streaking on the chest which this one doesn't seen to have.
  3. Thanks! I hadn't thought of a phalarope
  4. There is a small patch of green on its head.
  5. The resolution went way down when I started cropping, a local expert on inaturalist just recommended painted bunting. This seems much more likely for the location than dickcissel.
  6. Oso Bay in Corpus Christi, Texas September 9, 2019
  7. Young dickcissel?? Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi September 9, 2019
  8. Does anyone have any ideas? Seen today at Packery Channel Jetty in Corpus Christi.
  9. In Corpus Christi Texas last week. People on iNaturalist seemed to be struggling between Chuck-wills-widow and Eastern whip-poor-whil. Thank you. https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/22257629
  10. it is corpus Christi, the south texas coast
  11. at the edge of a small flock of ring bills, is this just a young ring-billed?
  12. we've had a redhead stuck to the phone line for a few months by fishing line then a laughing gull got stuck too. early last year we had the same problem with a brown pelican
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