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  1. Lifer Canada warbler....very hard to photograph as it was in thickets most of the time. Rare for AZ
  2. Northern Jacana, September, 2020, Tucson, AZ. Have been dreaming to get this lifer for years. !!
  3. Your checklist is now accepted. Wonder if it was flagged because your start time is different from other members in your party !
  4. So sorry I missed this. A few different ways to look up confirmed sps. 1. if there are photos attached to sighting, u can go to hotspot location , look at illustrated list, species name will pull only confirmed sightings. 2. Main page, search species...will pull all locations that have confirmed sightings. Then u can see individual names, their photos...etc. 3, if u know name of photographer....main page, search photos, look under contributor or location or species will give you confirmed reports. Under contributor, you can pick unconfirmed only will pull their unconfirmed sightings. Hope that helps. But the above bird has not been confirmed. I will ask the reviewer. Think they are back logged.
  5. Eared Quetzal , SE AZ....a pair. 9/5/20
  6. Hi, I don’t think you have accepted your check list. Please double check with your party. Only two people accepted the list from your team of 3. Reviewers can only accept/deny a sighting but not the list. Btw, I lightened your photo. Looks good for blue throated.
  7. Hi there 😃, these birds were taken in flight in full sun which limited my view. The three birds in third photo seem to be three different sps. Any help is appreciated. Taken today.
  8. Plain-capped starthroat...SE AZ
  9. Rufous capped warbler, southeast Arizona
  10. Streak backed oriole building a nest in Maricopa County, Arizona
  11. Seen today in scottsdale, Arizona(maricopa county). Which sub sps of red tailed hawk ? TY
  12. Thank you all for your help. @AlexHenry, during migration, they comedown to our elevation too. Thank you for the tip about pinal peak. Plan to get up there one of these days.
  13. Taken yesterday in Phoenix, AZ. Would you call this coot a white shield variety? TIA
  14. Thank you, That’s what I thought at first but didn’t see buffy flanks. TY very much.
  15. Taken yesterday in Maricopa County, AZ yesterday. Noted the rufous coloration mostly on wings.
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