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  1. Second lifer from yesterday—pine flycatcher
  2. 2 lifers from yesterday. Nutting’s flycatcher with broken upper mandible in SE AZ
  3. Northern Saw-Whet owlet...SE AZ.
  4. Mexican Spotted Owl...SE AZ
  5. Lifer—Mexican Spotted Owl...SE AZ
  6. Least grebe, second county record for maricopa county, Arizona
  7. Lifer—American tree sparrow. Coconino county, Arizona.
  8. American wigeon x mallard hybrid, maricopa county, Arizona
  9. We had adult trumpeter on Tuesday. Immature joined the next day. Immature is being debated if it is trumpeter or tundra. Didn’t know how to edit my original post.
  10. Trumpeter swans....adult and immature. Lifers. Maricopa county, Arizona
  11. I have a few. Will post this evening.
  12. Any time . You live in a great state too.
  13. Lapland longspur...Lifer, Maricopa County, AZ
  14. Very rare black throated blue warbler in Maricopa County, AZ rare prothonotary warbler in Maricopa County, AZ rare roseate spoonbill in Maricopa County, AZ rare mountain plover in Maricopa County, AZ
  15. Please ID this swallow....taken today in Maricopa County, Arizona. TY
  16. Baltimore oriole...Lifer....rare in AZ
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