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  1. Thank you for your replys. I've seen lots of them around but maybe it's the coloring and I didn't consider this warbler.
  2. I found this bird across the creek, in Swift Current SK. In May. The tail looks like a warbler but not sure about such a stripey breast. A prominent broken eye ring. It's the only picture I got. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  3. I hope I can continue to observe these two as I'm only there occasionally and see what happens in the future. Probably impossible! We had been watching these ducks since last year because there was an interesting couple, a female mallard and a male wood duck. (Sorry, Not the same ducks)
  4. Loch Ness is alive and well in Reed Lake, SK
  5. Hi Jerry. I had read that article but wasn't sure what to think. Was seeing both male and female characteristics on these mallards so thought I would post it here.
  6. I have read on other posts about domestic mallards. Never researched what that was. Thanks for the quick response.
  7. Taken at Wascana, Regina SK last week. Picture 1: female in front, male in back. What’s in the middle? Picture 2: same mallard in picture 1 middle. No drake curl tail. Picture 3: another mallard just different. What would you say for these? Male or female?
  8. Thanks Cavan. Had a closer look at it and further picture comparisons. Lots of details to consider. Can only become a better birder. Right? When I look at my photo I’m also now seeing a paler patch by the bill and pale ear patch. Doesn’t help that it’s not the best picture!
  9. Thanks so much for the ID. I always wondered about it. I do get juncos around here.
  10. Thanks. Maybe it’s the angle of the picture but I thought the beak of this bird was longer and thinner than a junco. No?
  11. Sept 26, Swift Current SK. I had many warblers come through and I caught a couple of shots of this bird. With a quick glance I managed to see a bird that, to my recollection, tan(?), white and some black on it. Was different from other birds I had seen. Longish tail. It’s in a choke cherry tree. So insects and fruit. Any direction would be appreciated.
  12. May 7th. Wilson’s Phalarope. Female in foreground. Around Morse, SK.
  13. I guess there was one thing different is the white feather on his side.
  14. Did some extra reading and found a 1 year male Redhead in eclipse plumage that looked very similar to my photo. I wouldn’t have figured this out on my own. Thanks so much for the explanation Liam. ?
  15. This was taken July 30 around Pelican Lake SK. What is wrong with the tail feathers? In a way it looks like a Gadwall. Is that correct? Eye color is different.
  16. Okay, thanks for the input. I was trying to make a rounded head out of the middle duck.
  17. I was going to post this photo under “Sexual dimorphism in Birds” as male & female Greater Scaup. Or do I have a male Greater and a Lesser? Seen in May at Reed Lake SK.
  18. So here’s lookin at you kid, from “behind” the bushes.
  19. So nice you were able to grab a shot.
  20. Actually in Saskatchewan. But I looked in my bird app and it says southeast California to central Texas into Mexico and wintering in parts of Florida. I’ve only passed through Washington via flights. So I’ll look up Skagit Valley but regardless a Vermilion flycatcher shouldn’t be anywhere near there is right.
  21. Where did you see the flycatcher?
  22. Thanks so much for the input! I’m still wondering though in regards to picture 1 front gull and picture 2 gull having different colour eyes. Can they be the same gull? Still learning.
  23. Hi there. Sorry to make a further request but hoping that I could get an ID on my picture #2. Thanks for any help! I’m not good at these gulls at all.
  24. Thank you for your help. And between picture 1 with dark eye & 2 with pale eye are they different gulls?
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