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  1. I hope I can continue to observe these two as I'm only there occasionally and see what happens in the future. Probably impossible! We had been watching these ducks since last year because there was an interesting couple, a  female mallard and a male wood duck. (Sorry, Not the same ducks)

  2. Sept 26, Swift Current SK. I had many warblers come through and I caught a couple of shots of this bird. With a quick glance I managed to see a bird that, to my recollection, tan(?), white and some black on it. Was different from other birds I had seen. Longish tail. It’s in a choke cherry tree. So insects and fruit. Any direction would be appreciated. 



  3. 1 hour ago, Seattle said:


    Actually in Saskatchewan. But I looked in my bird app and it says southeast California to central Texas into Mexico and wintering in parts of Florida. I’ve only passed through Washington via flights. So I’ll look up Skagit Valley but regardless a Vermilion flycatcher shouldn’t be anywhere near there is right. 

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