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  1. Hi. This forum has been great on helping to ID our birds! I have been wondering about these gulls taken in August.    Picture 1. Vancouver BC. with research I’m thinking it’s a Glaucous-winged gull. And an immature. No?

    Picture 2. Taken at same time at Tofino, BC. looks like the same gull but has pale eyes so I’m not sure what that is. I’m sure it alters everything. 😀



  2. I wasn’t trying to contradict anyone. Sorry if I came across that way. As I said I’m not an expert. I saw the white stripe too and saw something similar in my pictures of rail. But maybe it’s not what you call it, supercillia, so that’s what makes it different too. 

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  3. This wren was seen north of Belle Plaine, SK in August 2018. It’s either a little scruffy or young? The bill looks long and straight. The pictures are a little greyer in cast but the wren wasn’t a dark brown either. The habitat was compatible to sedge. No pines/evergreens. Do you consider the tail too long for a Sedge Wren?





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