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  1. Haha. I like your humor. I understand there was a change with Iceland Gull and Thayer but not sure about what that is. Anyways, I have iBird Pro app and they still list the Iceland Gull. A bit out of it's way for Migration but still a line through Saskatchewan. Maybe a younger gull? I'll have to look up Kumlien's. Have not heard of it. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you so much for your expertise! I will consider what you have suggested in identifying different species of gulls. The 2 brown gulls separated after we got there so the pictures I attached were maybe of the same gull. i was wondering about an Iceland gull? They have gone through the area quite some time ago and the photos I saw of them were similar. Both Herring and Iceland are similar in size, pink legs and yellow bills with red spot on lower mandible. What would you say is the greatest difference in those 2 types to tell them apart? I’m trying to learn.
  3. So picture #1 and #2 have similar gulls. Both pink feet/legs but I feel like the head shape and bills are different. Also there were 2 large dark brown gulls in picture #3 &#4 also it’s the same dark brown gull above photo that’s taking flight. They seemed bigger than the other gulls that I can’t ID. I hope this helps in the confusion
  4. Thanks for the suggestion and sorry for the confusion Charlie.
  5. Thanks everyone for the assistance in ID. I thought the Iceland was in 1st picture. But I think you’re saying 1 ring-billed and 3 Herring for gulls in that photo. So now I only have the 2 large dark brown gulls to ID. They are in picture 2,3,4 & 5. I think he’s very large as you can see a comparison of size in picture 5. He’s set back from the rest and is still bigger than any of the other gulls. No?
  6. Thanks for the welcome! Looks like a helpful sight. I think I have figured out the other tern in pictures 1, 3, 4& 5. I think a Forster’s Tern but could be corrected. I was excited at seeing the Caspian Tern as had never seen it before. At to the gulls I believe there are at least 3 kinds there.
  7. My first post so I’m looking for help to ID gulls. Then I find gulls change with age and season. This is a challenge. In late September this year at Regina Beach on a freezing cold day we managed the outdoors to get some pictures. What drew my attention first of all were these 2 large dark brown gulls. Because they were cold too (I’m sure) kept tucking their bills in. Could they be Western Gulls? We have American White Pelicans, Double-crested Cormorants, Caspian Tern, Herring Gull, another tern. Could there be an Iceland Gull? Any pointers to help in ID?
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