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  1. I saw this mostly white gull feeding on fish carcasses in Sekiu, WA (far northwest WA) a few days ago. Smaller in size than the surrounding Glaucous-winged and Western gulls. Initial thoughts were Glaucous Gull or possibly Icelandic gull, but I do not have much experience with either species. Request any ID help. Thanks, MJ
  2. I saw the this shorebird land on the forward deck of a cruise ship three days ago. Suppose it stopped to rest during migration. We were about 12 miles offshore heading from from Juneau to Seattle. I did notice it bobbing its tail once or twice, but did not hear any vocalizations. I believe that it was killdeer sized, but possibly a bit smaller. I have narrowed the possibilities, but am not convinced. Any and all suggestions appreciated, MK
  3. These photos were taken recently at Big Talbot State park (far Northeast Florida) at a location know for both Saltmarsh and Nelson's sparrows. I had as many as six birds darting in and out of the rocks at high tide. I believe some of these photos are of the same bird (but certainly not all). Would like some ID help with those who have more experience differentiating the two species. Thanks! Matt_K
  4. Need help identifying this bird on the left. (Bird on the right is a Black Turnstone.) Was birding by boat this morning in Puget Sound (Skagit County) and saw this shorebird mixed in with the Black Turnstones (larger) and Surfbirds (larger still) on a rocky island offshore. After reviewing the possibilities, my guess is Rock Sandpiper, but I'd like a second opinion from the shorebird experts. Matt_K
  5. Thanks! After looking at a lot of pictures and comparing the distinct coloration patterns on the back, I totally agree. Without seeing the full head, having a decent size comparison or vocalization, these had me stumped. I appreciate the assist.
  6. Need help with these two birds seen today just NW of Orlando, FL. I found them sitting on a mudflat on a freshwater pond in the woods. They were very distant and unmoving for almost an hour before I had to depart. My digital camera was on maximum zoom and it was difficult to keep them in the field of view even with the camera braced. Not much else to compare them with size-wise, but I felt they were bigger than a robin, but smaller than a crow (guesstimate). Any and all help is appreciated. Matt
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