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  1. This post is exactly why I don't visit here very often. One makes the effort to put a post together and this is what one gets. Four likes. I'm old school and prefer comments, so maybe I try again in a year or two to see if a little common courtesy has developed. I doubt that it will as that seems to be how all forums are going nowadays. Pushing the like button is sort of like saying, "well I like it, but I'm too lazy to type one word." It's quite the shame as I have a lot of vids and pics I could share. Your loss. Hey, but thanks for the "likes." See you in a year or two maybe. SSTAT
  2. Last spring, we heard someone knocking at the door. Our rural home rarely gets visitors, so when we heard it, we checked both doors and no one was there. Our Dogs were barking and convinced. I asked if she had a load of laundry going as an unbalanced load will sometimes make some noise. Nope. We then heard it again coming from downstairs. It sounded like someone was trying to break in through the sliding door. I sneaked down the stairs and peeked around the corner at the door and could not stop laughing. This has been going on daily since early spring with the addition of a local guinea fowl hen. This is a vid I shot not long ago. We have a guinea fowl hen that has been hanging out with our local flock of turkeys. She's is very bossy and chases away the other hen turkeys from her favorite two toms, and even keeps the dozen or so grouped together. If they get too far apart, she rounds them up like a cattle dog would. My guess is that when these turkeys showed up at her place mid spring, she decided to go on a walkabout. She is probably someones farm hen from within a mile or so. In this vid, she puts up with them knocking at the door for a bit, and then decides to break up the action. This has been going on daily since early spring. The turkeys can see a perfect reflection of themselves, both in the morning and again toward evening in the glass window and door, which has them sparring with themselves. Hilarious.
  3. Pastel drawing done by my wife using this photo. Indigo Bunting. Normally she does pet portraits, but I talked her into doing this one. It will hang on the wall of the local library.
  4. A Cardinal walks into a barber shop and says, "Take a little off the top." We had some cardinals and related bluejays molt head feathers this last August. Exceptionally warm summer with very little rain. By the end of Oct, they looked normal again.
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