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  1. 7 hours ago, lonestranger said:


    Welcome to Whatbird, Corgi. I agree with  @Spyonabird, don't feel overwhelmed or worried about the quality of your photos. Speaking from my own experience as a long time viewer of the photos on Whatbird, I find that I enjoy seeing the bad photos just as much as the good ones, sometimes more so. Especially if a lesser quality photo has more of a story behind it than the great photos do, it's just more likely to hold my interest longer. They say a picture paints a thousand words and tells it's own story, well, I like it when a picture/photo comes with a few extra words as part of the story and/or backstory. Knowing more about the photo and the experience one had while capturing it, well, lets just say that I enjoying reading the "discussion" part of the Photo Sharing and Discussion forum as much as I enjoying seeing the photos shared, whether they're good or bad. Enjoy yourself sharing your photos with us and everyone will enjoy that you shared them. 

    As far your question about lenses go, I'm not an expert but I'm willing to bet, not much mind you, but I'd bet that they'd be compatible with one of the newer digital cameras. I have no idea which camera but if you took your lenses into one of the real camera stores they'd be able to tell you what cameras your lenses are compatible with and have you setup and ready to go in no time. When I say "real camera store" I am referring to one of the camera stores that has knowledgable staff that know their stuff, not a big box store that sells everything and the staff knows very little about any of it. If the camera store can't fit your lenses to the camera you want, ask them if they can help you find an alternative or maybe an adapter that would accommodate your lenses. Sorry I can't really help except to suggest that you take your lenses with you and ask someone more knowledgeable how you can utilize them. :classic_smile:

    Thank you very much Lonestranger, if bad pics with a good story on the pics is what you like, then this thread I started, which has yet to get a comment, falls right into that description.


    Wood Duck


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  2. 2 hours ago, Spyonabird said:

    Welcome!  Please post your shots and don't be intimidated.  Everyone has doubts and even the best will always find shots that are better than theirs.  All photos are welcome.


    Thanks as well Spyonabird, I very much appreciate your comments. Browsing this thread has had me a bit overwhelmed with the magnificent photos.  I have a question for any of my learned and sage shutterbugs.  I have an old Nikon FM (film) from my shutterbug days in the 80's. I still have it and more importantly the Nikkor lenses which were expensive back then and probably even more today.  They are a 55 macro, a 105 mm  and a 200 mm, with a 2 x adapter. These lenses have a standard bayonet style mount. Are they compatible with the modern Nikon cameras such as the D 7200, which is one I've been looking at. The Canon SX 60 point and shoot is ok,  but the auto focus drives me crazy. I've lost so many shots because of it. Any suggestions as to a modern camera body that will fit my Nikkor lenses?  Thanks for any answers. 

    House Finch

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  3. Making A Choice At The Drive Through

    This female has a nest about 50 yards into the woods from our pond that is next to the house. Last spring, she was abandoning her normal nocturnal habits as she had mouths to feed back at the nest ( We could hear what sounded like a couple of owlets). She would show up with an hour or two of daylight left and perch overlooking the pond.  I know where the hollowed out tree is where she has her nest but we have avoided the area to give her some privacy. We did not see her much over the summer months, but started seeing her again in Oct. She would show up right at dusk with very little shooting light left.

    Our resident Barred Owl.






    None of the above. The winning choice is muskrat.
    The drake had to check out the commotion of the owl
    dispatching the rat which took about 5 sec.
    Stupid auto focus.



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  4. Just joined. First post here. I've browsed through this thread and can tell that I'm amidst some topnotch photographers. Great photos everyone. I was amazed at how great they are and had thoughts of just lurking here and not posting, as mine are not nearly as nice.

     I know it said best photo (as in one), but
    I thought I'd throw in a few in that it's my first post. My wife and I
    retired 3 years ago and moved from the big city where we had been our entire lives,
    and bought a country home in the upper middle section of Michigan's lower
    peninsula complete with pond and some acreage. Never a dull moment looking out the window. Shot from inside with a Canon SX 60.

    Wood Duck
    Mated Pair

    Rose Breasted Grosbeak

    Pileated Woodpecker


    Indigo Bunting

    Blue Heron

    Sharp Shinned Hawk


    Barred Owl

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