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  1. Sorry for the lousy pics...lousy weather here. This morning in Middle TN. Mallard-ish size. Fingers crossed on this one--a possible lifer.
  2. I would say the first bird is a Brown Thrasher and second a Sage Thrasher. Not sure about the third.
  3. I thought it looked a little too pointy. Could just be the angle.
  4. The bill has me second guessing. Today in TN.
  5. Bonaparte's would make much more sense. Thanks!
  6. Guessing some kind of plover, but no idea which one. It was tiny. Morning of Jan. 27th in TN. Thanks!
  7. Tuesday afternoon with other sparrows in TN. Thanks!
  8. Today in TN. I thought this was a Junco, but it looks almost wren sized.
  9. I'm nearly confident this is not my Merlin due to flight type (in a glide), wing shape, and eye color. But still, I second guess...
  10. This morning in Middle TN. Necks and bills look shorter. No calling. Sorry for the lousy-weather pics...
  11. I've never seen a ring-billed gull with the darker head, so not sure on this one. This morning in Middle TN.
  12. Through my window just now in Middle TN. Gliding nearly straight with no wingbeats. Thought it was a gull at first. Now I'm thinking maybe a falcon and hoping there's enough here for an ID. Look forward to hearing from the experts as always.
  13. Ah, that makes sense. Still a first. Thanks!
  14. Soaring very high with black vultures this afternoon in Middle TN. Consulted Hawks in Flight, but I've never seen one before so I may be way off...
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