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  1. tn_writer01


    This morning in Middle TN. Necks and bills look shorter. No calling. Sorry for the lousy-weather pics...
  2. I've never seen a ring-billed gull with the darker head, so not sure on this one. This morning in Middle TN.
  3. tn_writer01


    Through my window just now in Middle TN. Gliding nearly straight with no wingbeats. Thought it was a gull at first. Now I'm thinking maybe a falcon and hoping there's enough here for an ID. Look forward to hearing from the experts as always.
  4. tn_writer01


    Ah, that makes sense. Still a first. Thanks!
  5. Soaring very high with black vultures this afternoon in Middle TN. Consulted Hawks in Flight, but I've never seen one before so I may be way off...
  6. tn_writer01


    I took it outside Sunday morning (8 a.m. CT). It was mostly clear out. I thought it was a crow, so unfortunately I only got the one frame.
  7. tn_writer01


    This morning in Middle TN. I only took one lousy frame because I thought it was a distant crow (it flew straight with average-speed wingbeats), but clearly I was wrong in the field. Second pic is lightened. I checked out Hawks in Flight and I'm still clueless. Any guesses?
  8. This morning in Middle TN. Thanks!
  9. Hoping someone will know what is making this call. I apologize for the super-short clip; this same sound was repeated over and over by several birds in the upper canopy. Any ideas? Yesterday in Middle TN. https://clyp.it/5uukhz1c Of course, after I post this I realize it sounds a lot like a goldfinch's flight call. But in the tree canopy. And maybe a bit shorter?
  10. tn_writer01

    juvie coop...or goshawk?

    Oops...back to "Hawks in Flight" for me! Guess I'll have to watch some videos of goshawks in flight to know the difference. Maybe in my lifetime I'll actually see one! Thanks again!
  11. Despite the terrible weather here, I can see a pale eyebrow and irregularly barred tail without the Coop's white terminal band. Could this be a juvie Goshawk??? In the field, I thought it was a Merlin. Tonight in Middle TN. Thanks!
  12. I know the white crescent is diagnostic of the RSHA but I haven't seen one in years, so just want to be sure. This morning in Middle TN. Sorry for the terrible pics. Brightened them just a bit due to our lousy weather. Thanks!
  13. tn_writer01

    green-winged teal?

    Is this little one the BWTE?
  14. tn_writer01

    green-winged teal?

    A couple more crops...
  15. 10/29 in Middle TN. Three were confirmed at this location. Thanks!