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  1. Maybe this is a better clip since it's longer. I'm thinking a vireo but I can't put my finger on it. DSC_6395 (audio-extractor.net).wav
  2. This weekend in Middle TN. Thanks. DSC_6397 (audio-extractor.net).wav
  3. Out of TN range. At another glance, I think it may be a TN Warbler.
  4. Not a TN bird to my knowledge. Probably just an American Goldfinch though.
  5. Sounded like a warbler but may just be a goldfinch. This morning in Middle TN. Thanks.
  6. Sallied out from lowest shrub branches this morning in Middle TN. Thanks.
  7. This morning in underbrush on the bank of a creek. Middle TN. Thanks.
  8. Last week on Tybee Island. I see mostly Laughing, a few Herring, and do I see a couple of Bonaparte's on the far left? Thanks for the help!
  9. How many different gull species are in this frame? Not a quiz, just need a little guidance. Tybee Island last week. Thanks.
  10. Last week on Tybee Island, GA. First pic (centered), Laughing? Second pic, Herring/Lesser Black-backed? Third and fourth, Laughing? Fifth, Herring/Lesser Black-backed? More to come, I'm sure. Thanks!
  11. Thanks! Haven't gone through all my pics but tons of gulls, terns, boat-tailed grackles, brown and white pelicans, cormorants, osprey, peeps, egrets, and a pair of white ibis. And I know I missed a ton!
  12. Thank you for the explanation. Gulls sure are tricky.
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