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  1. Maybe this is a better clip since it's longer. I'm thinking a vireo but I can't put my finger on it. DSC_6395 (audio-extractor.net).wav
  2. This weekend in Middle TN. Thanks. DSC_6397 (audio-extractor.net).wav
  3. Out of TN range. At another glance, I think it may be a TN Warbler.
  4. Not a TN bird to my knowledge. Probably just an American Goldfinch though.
  5. Sounded like a warbler but may just be a goldfinch. This morning in Middle TN. Thanks.
  6. Sallied out from lowest shrub branches this morning in Middle TN. Thanks.
  7. This morning in underbrush on the bank of a creek. Middle TN. Thanks.
  8. Last week on Tybee Island. I see mostly Laughing, a few Herring, and do I see a couple of Bonaparte's on the far left? Thanks for the help!
  9. How many different gull species are in this frame? Not a quiz, just need a little guidance. Tybee Island last week. Thanks.
  10. Last week on Tybee Island, GA. First pic (centered), Laughing? Second pic, Herring/Lesser Black-backed? Third and fourth, Laughing? Fifth, Herring/Lesser Black-backed? More to come, I'm sure. Thanks!
  11. Thanks! Haven't gone through all my pics but tons of gulls, terns, boat-tailed grackles, brown and white pelicans, cormorants, osprey, peeps, egrets, and a pair of white ibis. And I know I missed a ton!
  12. Thank you for the explanation. Gulls sure are tricky.
  13. Ha. Yes, a male Eastern Bluebird. I kept him in the crop to show size reference for the Yellow Warbler. Thanks, everyone.
  14. Tuesday morning in TN. It's probably a song sparrow but just wanted to make sure. Thanks! 2019-06-25.wav
  15. Last night in Tennessee. It looked a little big for a swallow to me, so my best guess is young purple martin? I should say that guess is strictly thanks to Merlin. 😂
  16. Yesterday (late afternoon) in Tennessee near a river, creek, and pond. Couldn't have been a frog because it traveled too much ground too fast. Thanks! DSC_5387 (audio-extractor.net).wav
  17. This morning in Tennessee. Bird sings four times. Thanks! Audio recording 2019-05-27 06-47-47 (online-audio-converter.com).wav
  18. In a flock of swifts and swallows this morning in Tennessee. I didn't see a pale rump on the flip side for Cliff. Maybe the angle/lighting just makes it look super dark for NRWS? Thanks.
  19. This morning in Tennessee. Listened through all the warblers with no luck. Thought maybe Indigo Bunting but not sure. Thanks! https://clyp.it/h4x3n4pp DSC_7798 (online-audio-converter.com).wav
  20. I'm pretty sure it's the same bird. Someone else just confirmed Veery too. Thanks!
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