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  1. Hi Folks, Tennesse Warb? The good ol' iPod records surprisingly well! 20220519-184156.wav
  2. Hello Birders, Is this just an Eastern Towhee's truncated song? I recorded this in a recovering clearcut with 2'-3' saplings. Towhee's are nearby, but this struck me slightly different, and much quieter. I don't find the "cup" missing in "cup-of-teeeea" that unusual, but the timbre seemed unique. It's very short, but it's complete... Thanks! Scott 20220514-121911.wav
  3. Hiyo- Another owl on the trail cam. What do you all think? Branch is 1.75 inches. Barred?
  4. Well....the eyes look awfully close together for a Screech, and the facial disc is so circular, that I'm inclined to think Saw-whet. Any more thoughts?
  5. Height of the branch in front of him is 1.5"....
  6. I'll get some measurements....
  7. Hi Folks- Got an owl on my trailcam! Pretty cool. I'm thinking Saw-whet...what do you think? He's on the left. .
  8. Thanks for the replies. Maybe I'll catch some of these on their way back north... I just noticed I posted this accidentally to the Birding Trips discussion....oops!
  9. Hi Folks- Did anyone get the predicted Evening Grosbeak, Redpoll, Siskin irruption this winter? I had EVGR for the first time in my yard this Nov., but since then I've had nothing unusual. In fact, I've had lower numbers for many of the common species this year (Goldies, Juncos). Just curious. Scott
  10. Geno- I, too, have experienced the same lack of Goldies in Southern NH. Juncos are also very, very scarce here this year. The absence is striking. Not sure what's going on, or if there is really anything to be worried about....though I suppose bird populations in general, worldwide, are something to be concerned about. Scott
  11. Hi Folks, Anyone have any ideas as to what might be ailing this unfortunate Turkey? Trail cam pic from NH. Thank you, Scott
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