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  1. Inastrangeland

    Hawk help

    Cool. Still learning!
  2. Inastrangeland

    Hawk help

    Looks like a Cooper's to me (with the striped tail), but wait for the experts.
  3. Inastrangeland

    Rough-legged Hawk?

    How I identify Rough-Leggeds is the dark spot on the underside of the wing, which I think is see in your picture. Tough ID otherwise (for me anyways).
  4. Inastrangeland

    Some kind of Sandpiper?

    Yep, I'm going to agree with greater yellowlegs. I got burned recently on a similar mistake.
  5. Inastrangeland

    Dowitcher Query

    Yep, short-billed. See how the buffy colour extends all the way up those feathers? Among other things, the buffy colour would be more limited to the tips in long-billed.
  6. Yes, welcome! That middle pic is outstanding!
  7. Inastrangeland

    Cayo Coco, Cuba in March

    Hey everyone. As the title suggests, I'm heading to Cuba in March, and I'm looking for any insights about the birding situation there. Cayo Coco is relatively central on the Northern Coast.
  8. Inastrangeland

    Confirm Downy

    I don't think it's the size here that has people leaning Hairy.....it's the relative proportion of the bill size to the head. I agree with Hairy too.
  9. Inastrangeland

    More VT warblers

    I believe number 3 is a common yellowthroat. i agree with the rest of your IDs.
  10. Inastrangeland

    Snipe & Warbler

    I agree with both.
  11. Inastrangeland

    Long-billed Dowitcher?

    Though the breeding plumage isn't in great shape, the buffy edging appears to be pretty limited around the end of the feathers, so I would lean towards long-billed yes.
  12. Inastrangeland

    Confirm a flock of peeps

    Shoot, sorry. Ottawa, Ontario. Rookie mistake. Thanks for the Bump!
  13. Inastrangeland

    Shore Bird

    This is a Willet, still in breeding plumage. The thick bill here is one thing you could use to distinguish it from a yellowlegs.
  14. Sorry for the poor image quality, but I think there's enough here to confirm. I'm thinking these are Semipalmated Sandpipers. Am I right? Thanks in advance, Mike
  15. Inastrangeland

    What warbler?

    Geez. Looks like a pronothorary to me, but wait for the experts.