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  1. Agreed. That bill is too big for a Downy. Mike
  2. Frosty, small bill. I would say yes to Hoary, but I am under the impression that a definitive ID is really hard to come by. Personally however, I would call it a Hoary on MY lists.
  3. This. These are the best characteristics to use when IDing a Sharpie. Mike
  4. Going through some old pictures, I am hoping you can all work your magic with this one. This was taken at the Masters in early April of last year; Augusta, Georgia. There weren't many birds there, but mind you, that wasn't the priority, obviously. Long story short, I'd like to be able to post this on ebird, just to say I have a bird list from Augusta National. The first pic is the zoom, the second is another that I left relatively unedited in case your software can make better sense of the pic than I can. Leaning house sparrow, but would like your opinions. Thanks everyone, Mike
  5. Looking for help IDing these terns. I'm thrown off by the mottling and am not as well versed in immature terns as I should be. Taken mid March in Northern Cuba of last year. Thanks for your help everyone,
  6. Yeah, down with swallows! They're so pompous with their speed and agility, not to mention travelling by the tens of thousands. No wonder they're so cocky! ....oh...... Barn......Got it. Yeah it's the start of the migration. Could be the first of many coming through over the next few weeks. Hard the say for sure with only the picture, but I would call it a safe guess. .....and, uh, never mind about my rant.
  7. Funny...this isn't going to help. I'm leaning greater because of the huge bill and cheeks. Don't feel bad for waffling, this has characteristics of both. Good discussion bird.
  8. I think greater too. Looks like big water which tends to have greaters more than Lessers.
  9. While the first pic is lacking the peak on the back of the head, I'm leaning lesser. The bill looks thin, and there are no cheeks. The eye position and relative size also have me thinking lesser. I second the second pic being lesser.
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