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  1. Agreed with long-billed. The feathers on the wings have Buffy edges that travel all the way up the feather...short-billed have the buffy area limited to the tips. ...that's my tell anyways. Mike
  2. Yep...lesser. Looks like a textbook peak on the back of the head.
  3. What shape is the bird? Robin like? Heron like? What about size?
  4. If you live near water, I'd guess it was a common gallinule.
  5. I'd say short billed. The Buffy tips go up the sides of the feather. In long billed, the Buffy colour is limited to the tips.
  6. White tip of tail is relatively broad, and rounded. It also "seems" chunky, which has me leaning Cooper's.
  7. Another for lesser: very pronounced peak on top of the head, and proportions have a "smaller" feel.
  8. Not a deal breaker in my opinion. They still look like greater to me.
  9. Leaning long-billed. The buffy tips of the feathers are broad, and limited to the tips. The buffy tips on short-billed extend up the sides of the feather.
  10. Agree with greater. I know it looks like there's a little peak on top of the head, but IMHO, the proportions and head shape, not to mention being out on big water like Nipissing, have me leaning greater. I've also heard that the sheen thing should not be used as a reliable field mark...too many other variables like angle of sun, wetness, etc. Always looking to learn more about this common debate topic though........ Mike
  11. Agreed with long-billed. In the second one, the Buffy tips are broad, and limited to the tips of the feathers. In Short billed, the Buffy "tips" extend up the side of the feather too. Not sure about the first pic. Mike
  12. Perfect. Thanks. Great name by the way. Militia? Road hockey? Nope! Birding! Well played.
  13. Great. Thanks everyone. It's funny, it's one of the most common debates (sharpie vs. Coop), but I only bat a bit over .500. Thanks again.
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