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  1. I second lesser. Smaller features overall.
  2. Yeah, that eye line is too pronounced for a Philly.
  3. Lots suggesting these are Bobolink, especially the last pic.
  4. Agree with short billed. On short billed, the feathers have Buffy (beige) edges, that notably go all the way up the feather (you can see this on your bird). In long-billed, the Buffy colour is limited to the tips of the feathers.
  5. Agree with short-billed. The Buffy edges travel the entire length of the feather, and are not limited to just the tips (as in the long-billed).
  6. Agreed, but I think we can rule out Baird’s....the wingtips don’t go past the tail.
  7. I like your deductions, but I’d still go pectoral if I had to ID it. The bill looks fine to me, as does the overall shape.
  8. Yes, a domestic mallard.....maybe a Buff Orpington?
  9. Thanks again for this. Don't worry, I've learned not to get my hopes up in birding. In looking at the original pic, there does seem to be a bit of a fork, so I do think this is Bank. Nonetheless, this discussion has taught me to look for the flat tail and duller throat if I'm looking for a NRWS. Thanks a bunch everyone. Good discussion! Mike
  10. This is a great explanation Mr. Spencer, thank you! That would be one hell of a flock to have all 5 local species in there..... There were only about 12 birds in there total! Northern Roughed Winged would be a lifer for me believe it or not, so I'd love to get some seconds or more details on differentiating this from a Bank Swallow.
  11. There was a mixed group of swallows flying around in Ottawa, Ontario this morning. I was able to ID Tree, Barn, Bank, and Cliff. This one confused me. I had never seen white marks on the wings like this. Any ideas of what this bird might be, and/or why those white marks are there, would be appreciated. Thanks again, Mike
  12. Hey there everyone, I have eliminated a Willow Flycatcher with the call I heard from this guy, but I just want to make sure I'm not missing another possibility. Thanks in advance, Mike
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