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  1. Inastrangeland

    Long-billed Dowitcher?

    Though the breeding plumage isn't in great shape, the buffy edging appears to be pretty limited around the end of the feathers, so I would lean towards long-billed yes.
  2. Inastrangeland

    Confirm a flock of peeps

    Shoot, sorry. Ottawa, Ontario. Rookie mistake. Thanks for the Bump!
  3. Inastrangeland

    Shore Bird

    This is a Willet, still in breeding plumage. The thick bill here is one thing you could use to distinguish it from a yellowlegs.
  4. Sorry for the poor image quality, but I think there's enough here to confirm. I'm thinking these are Semipalmated Sandpipers. Am I right? Thanks in advance, Mike
  5. Inastrangeland

    What warbler?

    Geez. Looks like a pronothorary to me, but wait for the experts.
  6. Inastrangeland

    another sandpiper, NW PA

    Leaning Pectoral, but a tough pic.
  7. Sorry, I missed the front one (ie. Left one). THAT one looks like a lesser. So: front left, lesser middle, greater back right, greater
  8. Both look like greaters to me. A upturn of the bill in the front one says greater, and the one behind it looks very similar. My thought is that the back one may appear smaller, only because it further away. My 2 cents.....
  9. Inastrangeland

    Heron or Egret?

    The white phase of the Great Blue heron will have yellowish legs.....and be in Southern Florida usually.
  10. Inastrangeland


    Ahhh, Cocoa Beach...one of my most favourite places in the world. The one with the orange legs is a juvenile Royal Tern. The one with the black bill is a Sandwich Tern.
  11. Bird 1 looks like a female Brown Headed Cowbird to me. Bird 2....I'm bad enough with Flycatchers in the East, so Western ones would be even worse. That being said, the wing bars look good for a Pewee, but you're right, that bill looks really big. Maybe wait for the experts on that one.
  12. Inastrangeland

    orange crowned warbler?

    The more I look at it, the third pic looks like a house wren.
  13. Inastrangeland

    orange crowned warbler?

    The first two pics I'd say Orange Crowned.....broken eye ring and very faint olive streaking. The third pic looks different, but could just be the exposure.
  14. I'd agree with you on that. The bill looks nice and thin for red-necked.
  15. Inastrangeland

    NE Florida - hybrid geese?

    I appreciate you talking the time to send this. The more I look at that first picture the more I see the hybrid features, in particular the slope in the bill. Thanks for the follow up.