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  1. There was a mixed group of swallows flying around in Ottawa, Ontario this morning. I was able to ID Tree, Barn, Bank, and Cliff. This one confused me. I had never seen white marks on the wings like this. Any ideas of what this bird might be, and/or why those white marks are there, would be appreciated. Thanks again, Mike
  2. Hey there everyone, I have eliminated a Willow Flycatcher with the call I heard from this guy, but I just want to make sure I'm not missing another possibility. Thanks in advance, Mike
  3. Still not confident with Flycatchers. These are different birds, but I think they're both Least. Taken in Ottawa, Ontario today. Thanks in advance.
  4. These are difficult pics, I agree, but they look a bit chunky like a dowitchers to me. The line above the eye makes me think that too. If it is a dowitcher, it could be either....likely long-billed, but you're just in range for short-billed too. Sorry I can't be more help.
  5. Cool! Thanks you two. Can I ask what you see in these pictures that differentiates it from a Chestnut-sided?
  6. Hi everyone, Taken in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada today. I figure this is either a bay-breasted or chestnut-sided warbler. Pictures are of the same bird. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Mike
  7. Definitely Short-Billed. When they show breeding plumage, the long-billed have buffy borders limited to the tips of the feathers.....short-billed (like yours) have the buffy edging extend all the way up the sides of the feathers too.
  8. The barring I can get behind for sure! For me, the head shape IS more deep than tall with no back peak. Interesting how the same image can be interpreted differently. Good point with the barring though.
  9. This is a good debate.... According to the 'cobirds.org' article, the large jowls and higher eye position suggests Greater. It also suggests not solely using the nail for the ID..... However, many male Greater Scaup have the black restricted to the nail, with the black forming a rectangle (upper left picture) as in Lesser Scaup I'm not convinced yet....I still say Greater.
  10. Yep, and with ring-necks behind it for a comparison.
  11. This looks like a greater to me. Most will look at the bill and say it's bigger with a larger nail, characteristic of a greater. They will also comment on the lack of a peak on the head. What does is for me is the appearance of cheeks, which I don't notice as much in Lessers.
  12. Here are my guesses: 1. I like Pine Warbler on this one too. 2. How about a Tennessee Warbler? The white on the under tail coverts has me leaning that way. 3. Yep, Swamp sparrow. They usually look a bit ragged. Love the title of the thread. We've all been there.
  13. Just wondering what people think. I'm leaning towards a Small Canada, but I thought I would throw it out there to see if anyone strongly disagreed. Seen today in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Thanks everyone, stay safe, Mike
  14. Agreed. That bill is too big for a Downy. Mike
  15. Frosty, small bill. I would say yes to Hoary, but I am under the impression that a definitive ID is really hard to come by. Personally however, I would call it a Hoary on MY lists.
  16. This. These are the best characteristics to use when IDing a Sharpie. Mike
  17. Going through some old pictures, I am hoping you can all work your magic with this one. This was taken at the Masters in early April of last year; Augusta, Georgia. There weren't many birds there, but mind you, that wasn't the priority, obviously. Long story short, I'd like to be able to post this on ebird, just to say I have a bird list from Augusta National. The first pic is the zoom, the second is another that I left relatively unedited in case your software can make better sense of the pic than I can. Leaning house sparrow, but would like your opinions. Thanks everyone, Mike
  18. Looking for help IDing these terns. I'm thrown off by the mottling and am not as well versed in immature terns as I should be. Taken mid March in Northern Cuba of last year. Thanks for your help everyone,
  19. Yeah, down with swallows! They're so pompous with their speed and agility, not to mention travelling by the tens of thousands. No wonder they're so cocky! ....oh...... Barn......Got it. Yeah it's the start of the migration. Could be the first of many coming through over the next few weeks. Hard the say for sure with only the picture, but I would call it a safe guess. .....and, uh, never mind about my rant.
  20. Funny...this isn't going to help. I'm leaning greater because of the huge bill and cheeks. Don't feel bad for waffling, this has characteristics of both. Good discussion bird.
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