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  1. I'd agree with you on that. The bill looks nice and thin for red-necked.
  2. I appreciate you talking the time to send this. The more I look at that first picture the more I see the hybrid features, in particular the slope in the bill. Thanks for the follow up.
  3. The "intermediate" geese you're speaking of look like young Canada geese.....their young feathers don't make for the contrast you see in the adults. This IS the time of year you would see young this size as well.
  4. How about a Nortern Mockingbird. Hard to tell from the front like this, but that would be my wager. Those wing patches are leading me that way.
  5. The only one I can think of off hand (without a field guide handy) is a Painted Bunting? ...they're not really dark though. Maybe post that pic you took 5 years ago?
  6. Agreed as well. Best tip I gut for these was the serrated knife look of the wing bar.
  7. Thanks everyone. And if anyone has any strong opinions about 2, feel free to chime in.
  8. A good day Near Ottawa Ontario last week at Burnt Lands Provincial Park. I'm looking to confirm some sparrows, and get some help with a thrush (I think). 1. Grasshopper Sparrow? 2. Clay-Coloured Sparrow? 3. Field Sparrow? 4. Savannah Sparrow? 5. Song Sparrow? 6. Some type of Thrush? Thanks in advance everyone. Mike
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