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  1. Are the two dark ones mallard/black hybrids or something else. thanks
  2. I saw this bird this morning it looks like a house sparrow but at the same time, especially with the white wings, leaves me in some doubt.
  3. Good afternoon, i am curious as to the status of iBird Journal, is it still being supported? The version I have and use is 7.22 and is 3years old. It still has Dropbox as the only way of sharing information as far as I know. Whether or not it is still supported I would like to congratulate the team for designing a great app.
  4. I just realized I forgot to I’ve my location it was taken in SE Michigan November 1, 2011.
  5. Good morning, i was going through some old pictures and I found this picture that both iBird and Merlin photo ID identified it as a Greater White-fronted goose with 70% certainty but it looks to new more like a Cackling goose or Canada goose hybrid. Thanks.
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