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  1. Hi, Thanks for your interest. It's been a while since I took the photo, but I'm sure that it was bigger than a killdeer. The bill in the photo seems a bit long for a spotted sandpiper?or Not?
  2. Sorry. This is the only shot I have. Many thanks for all your help!
  3. I photographed this bird in a river in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The map shows that they do occur as non-breeding adults here, in November. Just want confirmation...or other suggestions. Many thanks for your help.
  4. I saw this bird this morning . It was perched on a cell-phone tower very close to the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It is a hawk of some kind. It was a long way away so the photo is not as good as I would like. Any ideas on what it could be?
  5. Seen from our balcony in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Yellow chest and underparts black markings beneath beak and white "eyebrows" . All ideas welcome.
  6. This bird was feeding in a tree on its flowers, 30 to 40 yards from our balcony. We are in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, about 200 yards form the ocean. The white eyebrows and the dark stripes on the throat are very clear. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks, in advance.
  7. Saw this in the Sierra Madre mountains above Puerto Vallarta last week. Is it a vireo of some kind?
  8. On my balcony in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Is he a vagrant? Doesn't seem to be part of their normal range.
  9. This bird is very active and hardly stops moving. Mainly grey, with white wing-bars and black stripes on its abdomen. Yellow chest.
  10. Do many woodpeckers drink from hummingbird feeders???? This one is in Puerto Vallarta and is a golden cheeked 'pecker.
  11. This bird was feeding on flowers or seeds in a tree across the street in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, today. About 50' above sea level. My guess is a Bullock's oriole but I'd like someone to confirm that or offer a better definition.
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