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  1. redcoot

    Sandpiper ID

    I agree with Pectoral. Bill seems a bit large for a least.
  2. redcoot

    Alphabet Birds

    Mallard (Domestic Type)
  3. redcoot

    Duck help

    This may be a stretch, but a female Cinnamon Teal? The face looks more "plain," the eyeline is less defined, and the duck seems warmer in color overall.
  4. I agree with psweet.
  5. redcoot

    3 sandpipers

    The first bird looks like a Willet.
  6. redcoot

    Which Grebe?

    I agree with Psweet. For the 2nd grebe, I would lean towards Clark's based on how thin the black line is on the face.
  7. redcoot

    Shorebirds from Florida IDs

    I agree with akiley.
  8. A pair of yellowlegs?
  9. redcoot

    Western Sandpiper?

    I agree with Least.
  10. redcoot

    Immature(?) Duck?

    This might be bit of a stretch, but maybe a young hybrid Ring-necked duck x Redhead? If I had to choose one for certain, I would lean towards Redhead.
  11. redcoot

    Alphabet Birds

    Whoops, didn't see that we were on F. Ignore this post!
  12. redcoot

    Alphabet Birds

    Wandering Tattler!
  13. redcoot


    Here's a young Hawaiian Coot.