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  1. redcoot

    Those Almost Good shots

    I'm not sure how I was able to get this close to a shoveler, but the cattails got in the way!
  2. Hello all! I observed this sparrow on 1/6/18 at the Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve in Nevada. Is this a song sparrow? The streaking on the breast appears to be relatively thick, pointing to a song? Thanks!
  3. redcoot

    Bird on a Wire

    Here's a Yellow-rumped Warbler
  4. I agree with HamRHead. Did you see the male blue winged teal too? There's been at least one hanging around preserve.
  5. Hello all! On January 6, 2019, I observed this bird in Altadena California. The tip of the bill appears to be thin, and shows some yellow. Could I have an American Goldfinch on my hands? Thanks!
  6. redcoot


    Thirded. Awesome photo!
  7. redcoot

    Alphabet Birds

    Ross's Goose
  8. Hello all! This hawk was seen on 12/25/18 in Altadena, California. I don't have any photos of the tail, which may be a setback. Based off of the size (roughly a crow), I would assume Cooper's hawk. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  9. redcoot

    LOL forum topic

    Sometimes spicy food is just too much...
  10. redcoot

    Help with a teal

    I agree with Green-winged Teal.
  11. Looks good for Brant!