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  1. I now agree with Pacific, as the primaries don't extend as far as they would in an American golden plover. Thanks for your input!
  2. I'll submit this to my local ebird regional reviewer, this does seem like a strange bird.
  3. I agree with Eastern Willet and the others as Sanderlings.
  4. redcoot

    Grebe and duck

    I agree with akiley.
  5. redcoot

    Share Your Best Photo of the Day

    Male Rose-ringed Parakeet seen feeding in a baobab tree:
  6. redcoot

    Hawaii 2016 bird

    Agree with Saffron finch. Looks like an adult female.
  7. Iʻd say pied-billed for the two grebes based on how the forehead and bill are shaped. Eared and Horned have thin pointed bills, but these appear sloped.
  8. redcoot

    Couple of shorebirds

    I agree with blackburnian.
  9. redcoot

    All Dunlin? - SW MI 10/27

    I agree with Akiley.
  10. I think that the two in the last photo with their heads raised are Greater. There is not noticeable peak that would normally be seen in lesser scaup.
  11. redcoot

    High Codes (ABA Code 3+)

    Horrible photo, but here's my first Ruff (ABA Code 3):
  12. Hello all! I saw this male Ruff at the Pearl Harbor NWR today in Honolulu, HI. It has been continuing for a while, and some have been wondering about it's plumage. The amount of white on it's head is leading to some speculation that it may be a satellite male. This is the first Ruff I have ever seen, so I do not know much about this. Is satellite a possibility? Thanks in advance!
  13. redcoot

    Share Your Best Photo of the Day

    Seen today drinking from a puddle:
  14. redcoot

    Lake Erie Shorebird ID

    I agree with Dunlins!
  15. The first duck is an eclipse-plumaged mallard, as gadwall will only have a slightly orange bill at most, and only in females. The two can be very tricky!