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  1. Just discovered one more photo. The bird was hiding in front of a mallard and I didn't notice it until now. It's definitely a lot smaller than the mallard, so teal makes sense.
  2. Thanks Tony. Good info. Yellow-billed teal is interesting... this bird certainly does look like one of those. I'll put something crazy up on eBird and see what happens! I don't have any experience with looking for and IDing hybrid ducks. This is making me realize that duck ID isn't always cut and dry.
  3. Thanks guys! I considered green-winged teal, but yeah, that yellow-ish bill is throwing me off.
  4. I saw this duck in a small salt pan at Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, NH on 11/14/2020. It was with a northern pintail. The yellowish bill is throwing me off. The white borders on the speculum say mallard, but I think this duck is too dark overall. Thanks for the help!!
  5. Thanks for weighing in! You're probably right... I though the bill was too long and narrow for a sanderling but now I'm not so sure.
  6. Hello everyone, I saw these birds among a flock of semipalmated plovers at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge in Massachusetts on 10/24/2020. My best guess is red phalarope which are relatively year for the location/season. I appreciate your thoughts on the ID! Thanks, Brett
  7. Can anyone tell from these poor pictures if I have a black-bellied or an American golden plover? Thanks for the help! Brett
  8. Hey guys, thanks for weighing in. I know it's hard to tell from the photo, but this bird was a hell of a lot bigger than a least sandpiper. I'm leaning toward pectoral. But it's a bird I've never seen before and I couldn't get a great look at it, so I'm hoping for some confirmation. Glad to hear you're on board with pectoral, @Connor Cochrane!
  9. Is there any chance this photo is not of a lesser yellowlegs? I saw it from a distance at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge in Newburyport, MA today. I apologize for the crappiness of the photo. It seemed too small to be a lesser yellowlegs and the sharp contract between the breast and belly made me wonder about pectoral sandpiper. Thanks! -Brett
  10. Awesome, thank you both! That's a lifer for me and a rarity where I live, even during migration (according to eBird). Thanks again!
  11. Hello all, I saw the bird in the attached photos foraging in a maple tree in Gilford, NH this afternoon (5/13). My best guess is orange-crowned warbler although it's not a species I'm familiar with. The yellow on this bird might be too bright. However, it has the thin, pointy bill and faint eyeline. In one of the photos, I believe I can make out an orange crown. Thanks for the help! Brett
  12. Thank you both for you input. @Jefferson Shank, genius idea of brightening the image! I hadn't thought to do that. I lean towards goldeneye over eider because I can't get past the slope of the forehead and shape of the bill. It's a strange combination of ducks of ducks to be deciding between. But I had already seen both species in the general area today, so I can deal with it. I was sort of hoping someone would suggest shelduck! Thanks again, Brett
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