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  1. Thank you all for the input! The orange legs are really throwing me off, but it sounds like leucism could explain that. The bird was much bigger than a least sandpiper. Sanderling is a possibility, although it wasn't really behaving like one. Still, that might be the most likely species. But I guess I'll never know for sure!

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  2. In the attached audio clip, you can hear two call notes from a distant crossbill in Woodstock, New Hampshire. They’re faint, but audible.

    I’ve heard these a lot this summer and have been IDing them as white-winged because the notes are softer and a little more musical than a red crossbill’s. I’ve been pretty sure of that, but now I’m starting to doubt myself since people in my area are reporting red crossbills but not white-winged. What do you think??

    Thanks for the help!


  3. I saw this bird among some salt pannes in coastal New Hampshire. It was with a bunch of short-billed dowitchers and that’s what I assumed it was until I got home and looked at the photos. It’s bill is clearly curved downward. It looked bigger than a dunlin and doesn’t have the chest markings of a breeding stilt sandpiper. Any thoughts? Sorry for the terrible quality of the photos.

    Thank you!




  4. Sorry for another lesser vs. greater scaup post.

    I observed these on an impounded section of the Merrimack River in Hooksett, NH today.

    For me, judging head shape from these photos is tricky. In the flight shot, there’s not much white in the primaries so I’m leaning toward lesser. But I also notice one of the bird’s flanks are much whiter than the other’s. Is there a chance I have one of each species? 

    Thank you all for your help!






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