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  1. Hello, I heard the song in the attached file this morning (30 minutes before sunrise) in a forested wetland in Naples, FL. The loud, musical, multiple-note whistle is clearest at about the 3 and 6 seconds marks on the recording.

    Thanks advance! I’m not very familiar with birds from this part of the country, so I apologize if this is something very common and boring.

    Shady Hollow Blvd W.m4a

  2. I saw this bird yesterday at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge in coastal Massachusetts. The bird was bigger than a peep and smaller than nearby stilt sandpipers. 

    I wish I was able to get a better photo, but this was the best I could do. The overall size, bill size and shape, markings on the neck and chest, and leg color has me thinking Baird’s sandpiper. However, I’m not sure the photo is good enough for me to make that call. Your thoughts are appreciated!


  3. Anybody out there good with thrushes of the northeast? I saw this bird in Rye, NH today. Best guess is Gray-cheeked/Bicknell's. I think I can rule out the other thrushes since there's no reddish or buffy tinges on the face or body and no (or only a very narrow) eye ring. If I'm right, does anyone have any thoughts on whether this is a Bicknell's or gray-cheeked? I know it's almost impossible to differentiate between the two without hearing the bird sing, but I've heard some people can distinguish them based on bill color. The photos are only so-so (a little overexposed around the head and throat).

    Thanks as always!





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