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  1. How's the snow? Thanks for explaining about the sex differences among red-bellied woodpeckers. I wasn't sure about the size, it being so high up. Thanks!
  2. I'm a first time user of this forum. I hope you can help me ID this bird. The bird was perhaps bigger than a robin but smaller than a crow. I shot pics of it in the late afternoon near the end of November in the woods of upper Rock Creek Park in Montgomery County, Maryland. It was pretty high up-- maybe 30 or 40 feet? It may have been part of a small group, but the other birds were in the area but not close-by. I made a composite image out of 8 photos-- cropping in on the subject. These are all the same particular bird. I suspect it is a red-bellied or downy woodpecker, but it seems to have the wrong head color arrangement. I'd like to hear your ID, and why you think so. If there is more info you'd like from me, please ask. Thanks, Gnuser
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