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  1. Today near Denver, CO (I'm 85% sure that these are all the same bird.)
  2. Today in south-east corner of Colorado.
  3. Today near Denver, Colorado. Cherry Creek SP They are marked as rare so I want to be sure.
  4. Today near Denver, CO (Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR) I'm not sure if the one in the water is also part of the pair sitting on the log.
  5. Today east of Denver, CO (Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR)
  6. Cherry Creek State Park, Arapahoe County. Sitting in the top of a tree near a small road. It stayed there for a long time, so I never heard anything. I was hoping for that so I could confirm Broad-tailed.
  7. Around here it's either Broad-tailed or Black-chinned. Today near Denver, CO
  8. Today near Denver, CO. The guy I was standing near thought it might be an Arctic Tern. All pics are of the same bird
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