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  1. Exactly! It wasn't a very convincing report, but it was enough to have me double check with you all in case I was missing something. I think I'm finally a good enough birder to be suspicious of vague rare bird reports. But I'm still new enough that I need to double-check things. 🙂
  2. That’s what I was thinking too. I looked hard for any signs of Glossy and didn’t see any.
  3. Here (near Denver, CO), White-faced Ibises are normal, but Glossy are rare. Someone reported four Glossy Ibises this morning at Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR. So I went there this afternoon and saw four Ibises. But I'm not sure if they're White-faced or Glossy. Can you tell?
  4. Today. Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Arsenal. Near Denver, CO
  5. Merlin (for what it's worth) picked up a Raven and Violet-green Swallows.
  6. Merlin suggested Dusky. But I'm probably gonna have to leave it off my checklist. I tried to get more pictures, but it took off.
  7. Yes. Especially when I increase the exposure. The weather was so crappy and overcast when I saw it. But I'm pretty sure they're orange.
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