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  1. A friend sent me a video that had three birds in it. I think she’s in Thailand. Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Today near Denver, CO (In one of the pics, I left in a Killdeer for size comparison.)
  3. Only got a couple of unhelpful pics. I think this is a Cooper's. It seemed bigger than a Sharpie when I saw it. Today near Denver, CO
  4. Today near Denver, CO (Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR)
  5. Today east of Denver. (Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge)
  6. Visited Boston last week and got a few pics of gulls. I think they're all Herrings, but I'm just just checking.
  7. Today east of Denver, CO (Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR)
  8. Today east of Denver, CO (Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR)
  9. Today east of Denver, CO. (Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR) In one pic, you can see the three peeps in front of two Killdeer just for size comparison. All the pics are of at least one of those three birds. Not sure if they're all the same. I think they are, but I'm not sure.
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