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  1. Today in Denver. Common? Is that bill too long for a hooded?
  2. Here are two other pics of birds that I'm hoping are NOT ring-billed gulls
  3. Someone else who was at that hotspot the same time I was recorded a couple of lesser black-backed gulls, and that's what I was hoping it was.
  4. That's the only one I got. But that's ok. Don't worry about it. I try not to care too much about gulls. 🙂
  5. Today east of Denver. Any guesses? Maybe just ring-billed gulls, but I was hoping they'd be something different.
  6. Huge flock of Canadas flying overhead and one looked different, so I snapped a quick shot. Snow goose? Today east of Denver.
  7. Are eagles the only ones with that distinctive hooked beak?
  8. Today near Denver. A snowy morning. small. Just a little bigger than a kestrel.
  9. Here’s another pic of one of the ducks
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