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  1. Today near Grand Junction, Colorado. https://flic.kr/p/2ji6BGV
  2. It looks like you need reservations. We didn’t go into it today. But as we got close, we saw signs that said it was full. Good luck!
  3. Today at about 9,000 ft. in the Rocky Mountains, not far from Estes Park, Colorado. It had a beautiful song, almost like a meadowlark's song.
  4. Today west of Denver, in Idaho Springs, about 7,500 ft. elevation.
  5. Today, west of Denver at about 7,000 ft. elevation.
  6. Black-crowned night heron? Today near Sacramento.
  7. It looks like the only hummers around here right now are Anna's and black-chinned. Today near Sacrament.
  8. That makes sense. There were a few of those nearby.
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