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  1. Today. Badlands, South Dakota IMG_0324.mov
  2. Crappy pics of a raptor soaring very high up above Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota, today.
  3. Today. Sacramento County, CA There was a normal-looking Western Flycatcher nearby. Is this a juvenile?
  4. Haha! Oops. I meant “wood-pewee” not kingbird.
  5. Today, just east of Denver. Got two pics of the bird on a branch then it flew to its nest.
  6. Today, east of Denver, CO Only one crappy back-lit photo.
  7. Got a crappy video of a hummingbird this morning. Broad-tailed or Black-chinned? Is it possible to ID? I’ll post the video I took with my phone and a few screenshots from that video. IMG_9319.mov
  8. He got a better recording. Sounds like a Raven. Honk 2-normalized.m4a
  9. A friend sent me this recording of something honking. Is it a bird? He lives in Port Angeles, Washington. Honker.m4a
  10. You got all the species right! I don’t know if it’s possible to sex Steller’s Jays or California Towhees. The junco looks like a male of the Oregon subspecies, but I’m not confident.
  11. Me neither! Some friends are visiting there and sent this picture.
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