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  1. Here’s the video my friend sent me: and here’s another pic: Apparently, people were worried that the bird was injured. The bird let her pick it up. She put it in a box but then it flew away.
  2. I assumed long-billed dowitcher, but the clean, white breast doesn't seem right. This morning near Sacramento. Yolo Bypass
  3. It was at Yolo Bypass Wildlife area this morning around 7:15 am.
  4. I tried to enhance the phone here:
  5. Two birds I’m not sure about from this morning near Sacramento.
  6. Thanks! That’s a lifer for me! Visiting Sacramento and went to Yolo Bypass today and saw so many great birds! Trying to sort through my pics now.
  7. Today in Sacramento. #1. #2. (White crowned?) #3 (Song?) #4 #5
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