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  1. Today near Denver. I assumed Eared, but someone else reported a Horned this morning at the same spot (Cherry Creek SP). I know pics suck, but if you can tell let me know.
  2. Today near Denver. I saw two terns today. All the pics of the bird in the water are of the same bird. The bird standing on the shore is a different individual bird. Then there are a couple of a tern flying, but I'm not sure which bird that one is. I hope that these are all the same species, so we don't have to mess with who is who.
  3. Today near Denver. (I'm 80% sure that the last two pictures are of the same bird.)
  4. I guess I didn't know that Chippings could be so messy-breasted. Edit: Never mind! I see that Juveniles have a streaked breast.
  5. Today near Denver. I'm 80% sure that these are the same individual.
  6. Yes! To quote Ralph Wiggum, "Hi, Lisa, I'm learnding!!"
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