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  1. There were a few Gambel's Quail there. In fact, that's what I was trying to get a picture of.
  2. A couple of days ago. Beaver County, Utah.
  3. Couple of days ago. Beaver County, Utah.
  4. Yesterday. Beaver County, Utah. I lightened up a couple pics, and I think I see yellow heads.
  5. I'm definitely not sure. But it looks like a Baird's to me. Wings go past the tail. Dark legs. Slightly decurved bill. But again, I'm not confident.
  6. Top two are Common Gallinules. Last pic is a Ruddy Duck (their bills are not always blue).
  7. A couple of days ago near Des Moines, Iowa.
  8. Couple of days ago. Near Des Moines, Iowa.
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