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  1. The tail doesn't get red until they're adults. Their tails are barred when they're juveniles.
  2. Today in eastern Arapahoe County, Colorado (east of Denver). There were thousands of gulls out there (Aurora Reservoir) today. Most of them were Ring-billed. But this one stood out. It was huge. I wish the pictures were better, but it was pretty far out in the water. I know size is hard to tell when a bird is far away and by itself, but I figured I'd see what you all think.
  3. Today in eastern Arapahoe County, Colorado (east of Denver).
  4. Today in eastern Arapahoe County, Colorado (east of Denver).
  5. My friend sent me two recordings of strange bird chirps he heard outside of his house tonight near Port Townsend, Washington. I've attached both recordings. WTF1_edited.mp3 wtf2_edited.mp3
  6. Today on the St. Croix river between Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  7. I think I saw a Greater next to a Lesser. (A bunch of Lessers, actually) Today north of Denver.
  8. Today near Sacramento. At first, I thought they were Whimbrels. But in this well-birded spot (Yolo Bypass), there's never been a Whimbrel reported in November. So these are Long-billed Curlews? I have very little experience with either species.
  9. Today near Sacramento. With some Greater White-fronted Geese.
  10. Today near Sacramento. Am I missing anything? I see . . . Northern Pintail Greater White-fronted Geese Canada Geese Cinnamon Teal Mallard Other teal?
  11. I really wish I could've gotten a better pic. It wasn't close and the light was bad.
  12. I assume that this is a Yellow-rumped Warbler? Is that black on the upper part of its chin weird? I have a hard time these birds. They look so many different ways. Today near Sacramento.
  13. Thanks! And that (probably) answers the new post I just made too.
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