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  1. Hi Folks, I hope you all are enjoying the start of the new year. I am finishing up a calendar I made for my family and wanted to get the correct ID's. I saw the Hawks at Joshua Tree National Park & Pinnacles National Park. The Hummingbird photo was from Kenneth Hahn State Park. My guess for the one set of images is of an immature Red Tail Hawk Joshua Tree) , and the other, a Red Shouldered Hawk (Pinnacles). Thought that the Hummingbird might be an Allens? https://imgur.com/s0JwJNW https://imgur.com/qYahh1g https://imgur.com/CtKYeEX htt
  2. Hi Folks, It's been awhile since I posted, but I'm really thankful that the site was brought back after the crash. Does anyone have any thoughts for these ID's. 1. I had posted this pic of what I thought was a Merlin, but someone recently said they thought it was a hawk and not a falcon. Spotted in Jan. 2018 at Kenneth Hahn State Park, CA. 2. The Hummers were seen in Cambria, CA and Culver City, CA in June 2018. 3. The Warbler was seen on the Blue Ridge Parkway in NC in May 2018 4. The Woodpecker was seen in Cambria, CA in September 2018 T
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