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  1. Wonderful waterfalls! We are visiting relatives at Franklin for a reunion and hope to find some free days to explore other areas. Just have to finish first the installation of the new brake kit, helo truck rims and a couple of led light bar on uncle's truck before we do the road trip. I'll be checking if Whitewaters and Turtleback waterfalls can fit to the schedule.
  2. Interesting. Didn't know the cowbirds' instinct is very clever. What an evolution.
  3. Curious what would happen if the cowbird egg remains there.
  4. It is amazing the birds are so attracted to her feeders.
  5. It must be totally cool to see those birds in person!
  6. Totally cool flamingos! Their color were so vibrant. Nice photos
  7. How's your planning for Maui trip? Heard some good comments about native birds around Hosmer Grove as well.
  8. raxton

    turtle ID

    Same impression here. Seen a rear-eared slider before and they look very identical.
  9. Too bad to hear about the weather but still glad you're able to capture a few. Looking forward to the pics.
  10. Incredible birding at Jamaica! Those are precious birds!
  11. How's your research so far? It really seems that July is the best month to go after them.
  12. Awesome trips and photos of Chiricahua! Been checking that place since a neighbor told how good the place is. Might be able to take a week-long break next month and could possibly visit the place, just got to finish modding the truck including the new brake kit, American force wheels and headache rack. This will be exciting.
  13. The one who got more mouth to feed must be the one who won.
  14. Good timing on the water drop!
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