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  1. Escondido, CA December 2021 Blue Grey? thanks in advance!
  2. Novato, CA This morning we saw a northern flicker in the birdbath with clear bright yellow underwings. It was especially noticeable when it flew away. We usually see red-shafted flickers out west, and I thought that yellow-shafted variety were only out east. Is this an uncommon sighting?
  3. Regrettably I can't remember if I actually saw "ears". I mostly thought it was cat at first because of where it was, by the sidewalk in the street. It was around midnight, so owl was my assumption since it was clearly a large raptor. Are some hawks active that late?
  4. Was in Walnut Creek, CA driving through a suburban neighborhood late last night when I saw what I thought was a light colored cat on the road by the sidewalk. It looked right at me and then took flight! At first it leaped right towards the car and then turned around mid-air to avoid a collision. I hit the brakes pretty hard and it ended up flying inches in front of my windshield for a few seconds before the car came to a stop. It was pretty spectacular. Obviously no time for a picture so I wanted to get a sense of whether this behavior sounds indicative of a barn owl. My first thought was great horned, but upon further reflection I remember the light colored "cat like" face and the fact that I was in a very suburban neighborhood and it was just perched on the street (perhaps with some prey). It was also quite big which I think rules out a few other owls. Thanks for the input as always
  5. Looks like a pelagic cormorant to me. With the the very thin bill.
  6. Agree with Northern Harrier (M) and the Black Phoebe.
  7. Feeling fairly confident on these first 4. #5 is a mystery. Austin, TX 1. Loggerhead Shrike IMG_8154 by Jason, on Flickr 2. Carolina Wren Carolina Wren by Jason, on Flickr 3. Scissor-tailed Flycatcher IMG_8130 by Jason, on Flickr 4. Chimney Swift IMG_8038 by Jason, on Flickr 5. ??? IMG_8041 by Jason, on Flickr
  8. Sorry I know the sandpiper pic stinks but I thought I'd throw it in there just in case. And the oriole pic was at sunrise so the lighting could very well be playing tricks if the coloring looks off. Either way it's a bird I'd never seen before so I needed the help. Thank you all for your expertise! I'm always learning something new 👍
  9. Here's another shot of #2. Painted bunting would be nice surprise! IMG_8023 by Jason, on Flickr
  10. From a couple weeks ago, Austin TX 1. Orchard Oriole IMG_8034 by Jason, on Flickr 2. also Orchard Oriole?IMG_8024 by Jason, on Flickr 3. Yellow Warbler Untitled by Jason, on Flickr 4. no clue IMG_8033 by Jason, on Flickr 5. Great-tailed grackle IMG_8061 by Jason, on Flickr 6.Great-tailed Grackle IMG_8067 by Jason, on Flickr
  11. It’s the only shot of 5 I have unfortunately
  12. Not usually my style but for some reason I couldn't help myself with this one..
  13. Yes Hornsby Bend! I'm a west coaster and this was my first time in Texas so needless to say I was pretty excited about this spot. More IDs to come. Thanks for the input as always.
  14. Lifer Blue Jay in Austin,TX. Blue Jay by Jason, on Flickr
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