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  1. Not a troll, I’m quite sure. This is from a state naturalist listserv, so a pretty well vetted group. On that list, the leucistic goldfinch idea was the most popular. I think, really, the best we’re going to be able to say is leucistic passerine. The rest is speculation. Appreciate the replies!
  2. Leucistic goldfinch seems to be gaining popularity in the email thread. Thanks!
  3. Should add: I can't enlarge. That's a full-size crop from what I assume was a cell phone pic taken at some distance.
  4. Sorry for the poor picture quality---I did the best I could with what I was sent. Local listserv here in Maryland, Baltimore area (I believe). Post-er says the bird has been hanging out around her suet feeder for months. I'm baffled. If I saw this near the road during the winter somewhere rural, I'd call it a Snow Bunting, but that's just plain wrong, isn't it? This is a (sub)urban setting, near feeders, apparently since early fall. Leucistic mockingbird...? Escaped exotic? At a loss here.
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