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  1. White Throated Sparrow is my guess but wait for the experts :)
  2. I think there is a place you can report birds who have extreme overgrown beaks. There is a virus they are tracking from what I read at this website that causes overgrown beaks. https://goldengateaudubon.org/blog-posts/solving-mystery-deformed-beaks/
  3. That white pattern under the wings looks like Turkey Vulture to me but wait for the experts :)
  4. Would a Northern Harrier be ruled out? They have the dark/light wide tail band and I think I see a bit of an "owlish mask".
  5. This is my guess https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Painted_Redstart
  6. These are old trail cam photos. We had some raccoons kill a bunch of our chickens so we put the carcasses out back with a trail cam. This Crested Caracara and Turkey Vulture provided quite a few interesting photos. I was most amazed at the beautiful coloration on the Turkey Vulture.
  7. I would guess first one is a Sharp Shinned Hawk and the second one is a Juvanile Red Shouldered....but what for the experts :) I'm strictly a novice birder :)
  8. I too looked at photos of prairie, peregrine and gryfalcon and think it most resembles the dark or gray morph gryfalcon. My thoughts are - there is a faint white eyebrow line, small white area in front of a delicate white eye ring, whitish cheek patch, the "weak" mustache and also in the notes I read about the vertical feather striping which this photo has too. Also each feather is outlined in a lighter color which is very distinct. Here is a Gryfalcon photo I snipped from allaboutbirds
  9. I think on this forum they call it domestic mallard x since all domestic ducks are of either Mallard ancestry or Muscovy (not a true duck more like a goose). At our local tractor supply they sell these "domestic mallard x" under sub species. This one looks a lot like one called a Blue Swedish Duck to me.
  10. If you snip it. copy and paste into a word document and enlarge it - you can see the belly band.
  11. Could it be a juvenile Red Shouldered Hawk? Plumage looks correct and also it was in close proximity of the other Red Shouldered Hawk you saw?
  12. My first impression is someone's escaped Yellow Crested Cockatoo if the "bird" in the photo is the big white blob :)
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