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  1. I found this link on ebird for Pere David's Laughingthrush (3 audios) that you can compare your recording to https://ebird.org/species/pedlau1/CN-11
  2. Boy do I ever need a pedicure!
  3. I believe this bird is in between its' 1st winter and adulthood. You can see the differences in the tail (dark feathers 1st winter versus white middle tail feathers) and flight feathers (grey adult feathers in mid wing). I am no expert so wait for more input from others.
  4. I believe this is a White-throated Sparrow but wait for more experienced birders to verify. Nice photo.
  5. This is a female. Males have the red extend all the way down the forehead.
  6. I know this isn't the greatest photo but it is my first ever photo of a Great Horned Owl 🙂
  7. What color are the legs? Dark? Orange? The very clean throat, long wide supercilium and chunky appearance makes me lean Louisiana. Under tail looks fairly clean too? @Tony Leukeringany thoughts to add on this tie breaker 🙂
  8. Photo taken today south of Houston Texas. I considered immature/female Indigo Bunting or perhaps an immature/female Blue Grosbeak? Appreciate your input. Thank you.
  9. 1st time visitor at my feeder today Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Sadly just migrating through 😞
  10. Just to help me learn - Why couldn't the one on the back left be a Sanderling?
  11. Photos taken today at Bryan Beach south of Freeport. Semipalmated Sandpipers and a Sanderling?
  12. Photos taken today at Bryan Beach south of Freeport.
  13. Photos taken today at Bryan Beach south of Freeport Texas. I am pretty sure photo 1 is Laughing Gull, is 2 also Laughing gull? and 3rd photo Ring Billed or Herring Gull?
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