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  1. @Liam Should we create a new message with our guess so your inbox doesn't get bogged down?
  2. Tail feathers seems kind of short ?
  3. What for more expert opinions but I think this may be an Immature Red-shouldered Hawk. I think I can see some black and white barring on the primaries on the right hand side of the photo.
  4. You can also see the pale translucent crescent near the wing tips
  5. Bumping this up so hopefully someone else can review and comment. Meadowlarks are difficult at the best of times. I do not see any yellow showing in the malar area so my guess (and it truly is a guess) would be Eastern Meadowlark but please wait for more experienced birders to comment. I always love spotting a Meadlowlark 🙂
  6. Your first photos are of an immature Red-shouldered hawk- note the brown streaking on the chest. The photos above appear to be of adult Red-shouldered hawk - note the reddish-orange barring on chest and bold black and white checkered pattern on the edge of wings
  7. @IKLlandpsst now's your chance 😉
  8. It kinda looks like a yellow mustache 🙂
  9. I see the same as lonestranger. Do you have photo of a flock of them you could add? That may convince them your count was correct 🙂
  10. @Liam I was expecting this weeks quiz bird to be a Northern Shrike 😉
  11. Wait for the experts but I believe for Red Tailed Hawks the subspecies could be light morphed Harlan's or Krider's
  12. I interpreted the sequence of events by the photos as 1, full swing and a miss 2 full hit 3 and 4 loaded down take off?
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