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  1. Every spring for the last 5 years we have had a pair of cardinals tapping at our office window at their reflections 🙂
  2. You can try taping a black silhouette of a raptor in the window. Sorry I can't identify the bird. A lot of birds see their reflection in the windows and try attacking during mating season i.e. a male sees another male and is trying to defend its territory.
  3. There is a structure/house in the top left of the photos with a similar shade of blue in it. But would the bird be able to fly covered in paint? Wouldn't the feathers have all stuck together?
  4. @Tony Leukering When would the white facial feathers come in compared to the rest of the adult/breeding feathering? I've cropped and zoomed in to see if any more detail can be found to help identify - if this bird from the 3rd photo is a Glossy Ibis? If the top 2 in photo 2 that have pink area showing before the eye can be safely counted as White-faced Ibis? Appreciate the feedback. Thanks very much.
  5. Roseate Spoonbills - *note to self to buy a better camera sigh
  6. I'm out of likes like usual. Thanks All. I kind of live on a few acres in the middle of a swamp so I tend to get a lot of waders here eating the crawdads and frogs of which there are many. It floods easy here too but shallow enough that the waders love it and I love watching them. I have 3 Roseate Spoonbills and 2 Little Blue Herons out there now. Nothing like watching a giant pink bird walking along haha. When I first moved to Texas I thought I had gotten too much sun when I saw a large pink bird fly by one afternoon. Little did I know :)
  7. Photo taken today south of Houston Texas. I hit the jackpot this morning when I saw a small flock of all dark ibis fly into my front field. They joined a variety of other wading birds as seen in last photo. White-faced or Glossy would both be a lifer for me. I think White-faced due to pink area before eye and dark leg color - maybe a few breeding adults and some non breeding or juveniles? Appreciate your input. Thank you.
  8. I was so close to winning!! .........….except this photo was taken on Wed...……..and I'm pretty sure it wasn't an evergreen tree ;)
  9. Here is a link with photos of some of the more common domestic ducks https://www.thecapecoop.com/great-backyard-duck-breeds/
  10. I believe these may the Khaki Campbell variety of domestic mallards.
  11. Small flock of approx. 15 birds mostly juvenile/immatures with 2-3 adults.
  12. This bird has me guessing. I only managed the one photo - taken yesterday south of Houston Texas. Not sure what to make of the dark facial stripe on this one. I was leaning falcon of some sort on facial stripe but the body was large. I do have Red-shouldered Hawks on the property quite frequently - so perhaps an immature. Any thoughts on this one? Thanks.
  13. I thought those purple streaks were just a chromatic aberration of some sort.
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