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  1. Yellow-crowned Night Heron and White Ibis
  2. This is more like a swamp than a marsh ...lol.....Common Gallinule and 2 chicks
  3. Photos take today at Brazos Bend State Park south of Houston Texas. I am pretty sure this is a Tricolored Heron but wanted to confirm since it is a lifer for me. I also included a photo of the Heron covering his head to "fish" which I've read about but never seen first hand before. Thank you.
  4. When your son keeps showing up wanting to be fed
  5. Photos taken this last week south of Houston Texas. I am thinking these are all probably juv ruby throated hummingbirds however there were several who seemed to have longer necks with more white collars as well as holding their wings at their sides? ID help is much appreciated.
  6. @JCRBackCountry sorry for the misidentification. Thank you @akandula@The Bird Nuts :)
  7. I agree with juvenile red shouldered. You can just see hints of those red shoulders starting. Adults would have a fine orange barring on the chest and prominent white and black checkering on the wings. They are a fairly large hawk especially the females. I have an adult that lives in my swamp. She snacks on all sorts of swamp creatures including snakes, crawdads and frogs.
  8. I just wanted to say what a beautiful shot this is. Sorry I can't be more helpful on ID I'm a newbie 🙂
  9. I'm afraid to zoom in too close...but is that lunch on the tree stump beside his foot?
  10. This link has some good photos of a moulting brown headed cowbird. http://www.10000birds.com/tricky-molting-icterid.htm
  11. The only really colorful one I could find in Israel was European Bee-eater. Try looking that up to see if it matches.
  12. Awhile ago someone was posting trail cam shots of raptors and I believe owls that would visit their bird bath. I was wondering what type of birdbath used i.e. cement and dimensions etc. And habitat it was set up in i.e. open field or woods. I would like to do something similar. Thanks very much 🙂
  13. I found an old article that references large flocks of "fish crows" in the thousands in Florida. I guess technically it could be called a "murder" :) http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/os-xpm-1989-12-22-8912222771-story.html
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