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  1. This domestic mallard breed looks like Khaki Campbell to me.
  2. I love how the rust and chartreuse colors are mirrored on the bird and in the rock. Fabulous photo!
  3. This photo looks like a painting. The squares of iridescent colors on the back are amazing! Just lovely.
  4. Excellent news! They should have a decent chance of find it if the bird is still calling out to be fed.
  5. I saw an article about a Bald Eagle who rehabbers had made a 3d printed prosthetic for an upper beak. Yes sadly it has survived because parents have fed it but once on its own it will have trouble with missing upper hook capturing and swallowing prey 😞
  6. The Mississippi Kite has a noticeably shorter outer primary which I do not see in your photo - here is an example of one I took last month.
  7. There is a Gray Hawk that matches your description - shows slightly out of range for your area of California seen more down by Santa Barbara on ebird records https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Gray_Hawk/overview
  8. Could something like an agree and a disagree button be easily implemented? The post gets "locked" after 3 agrees but it allows someone to click the disagree button only? That would allow someone who did disagree leave a comment and bring the thread back to the top?
  9. Photo taken today south of Houston. Do you think the tail looks unusual with so much white or just the angle of the photo? Thanks.
  10. "Like this Dad?" "Hard left Son! Left....!"
  11. Mississippi Kite and Black Bellied Whistling Duck
  12. Looks good for Swainsons to me https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Swainsons_Thrush
  13. Eastern Wood Pewee perhaps - but wait for the experts https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Eastern_Wood-Pewee/overview
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