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  1. I actually emailed the Park to ask and this is their reply
  2. Photo taken yesterday south of Houston Texas. I think my choices were either Boat-tailed or Great-tailed. I didn't think this had enough russet coloring to be Boat-tailed. Thoughts? Thank you.
  3. Photos taken today south of Houston Texas. This duck is part of a larger mixed flock of domestic mallards at a local Park. I was wondering about the yellow on the beak? Also, the tip looks like it was bitten and regrew? Could that cause the yellowing on the beak? Thanks.
  4. I will add to E-bird now. Thank you.
  5. Whoopsie! Haha...newbie mistake in the name lol. I'm out of likes for today but Thank you :)
  6. Photo taken today south of Houston Texas. I think this is a photo of one of each Cormorant? Thank you.
  7. Photo taken today south of Houston Texas. Is this a Least Grebe? When looking through my photos I was concerned that the turtles in this pond had bitten the back of this grebe but upon closer photo viewing it doesn't look like a Pied Billed Grebe and the Least Grebe has a "fluffy" backside from what I've read. Thank you.
  8. Photo taken today south of Houston Texas. I have a lot of Carolina Wrens that I see here around the house but looking over my photos today, this one seems different, very drab in comparison. I thought perhaps Winter Wren too but not sure. Any thoughts? Thank you.
  9. I learned something today. Shoulder Spur :) Thanks everyone. When I heard spur I automatically thought of my Roosters spur and assumed it was that area of the foot too on the woodpecker. The side by side photo comparisons are very helpful @lonesome55dove Thank you!
  10. Looks like a domestic "Swedish Blue" if you google that
  11. Photo taken today south of Houston Texas. I am thinking this is an Immature Great Blue Heron due to the dark legs and dark wash on part of beak. The blue and white striping down the front is quite striking as well. Thank you.
  12. Photo taken today south of Houston Texas. Bird was perched sitting in a tree and I didn't see any movement i.e. tail bobbing etc. Yellow wash on belly was very noticeable. Thank you.
  13. Photo taken yesterday south of Houston. I have seen a male here before. Just wanted to confirm that this is a female? Thank you.
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