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  1. Thank you for choosing me @lonestranger 🙂 I am unfortunately at work and will not be able to post until this evening. @Bird Brain can you post a photo instead? Thank you!
  2. "...and 1 and 2 and 3 and Breathe!!! "
  3. I know it's late but it is one I have a photo of. Pine Siskin!
  4. Photo taken yesterday south of Houston Texas. I was leaning female Myrtle -has clean white throat. Can anyone confirm if females have yellow on their crowns? Thank you.
  5. Photo taken yesterday south of Houston Texas. During the winter I see dozens of Red-winged Blackbirds here every day. This one was doing a very unusual tail bobbing I've never seen before. I've briefly considered a very out of range Tricolored Blackbird? Any thoughts?
  6. One identification feature from this angle is the pale/translucent crescent shape near the primary feathers.
  7. My first bird(s) this morning were a flock of Red-winged Blackbirds.
  8. Thanks to All for the replies. Yes the area is quite "swampy" and I do see quite a few Red-shouldered Hawks in this area.. After relooking at the photo I think what I was seeing as white white bands in the tail area may actually be the white bands of the Chinese Tallow tree it is sitting in.
  9. I saw this large bird early this morning southwest of Houston. I see a longish brown/grey tail with wide margin white tips, a brown/buffy/reddish mid section and darker upper and lower areas. Red-shouldered didn't quite look right. After researching the closest match is Plain Chachalaca which is slightly out of range here. Any thoughts?
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